Paid Search Done Right: How Gemini Increased Lead Volume by 62% for a Fleet Telematics Company


Paid search ads are instantly put in front of high-quality traffic, making it a competitive and sometimes pricey strategy. So, when the spend doesn’t equal results, it can be confusing and frustrating for a business. This was the case with Zubie, a fleet telematics company. They were struggling to achieve desirable results… Until they came to Gemini.

The Challenge

Zubie approached Gemini after working with previous agencies and struggled to gain traction driving quality leads with a paid search program. At the same time, however, Zubie knew paid search was a necessary lead driver to help fill their pipeline while they worked to build their organic search presence in tandem.

The Solution:

Create a solid paid search foundation with scalability in mind

Build the Foundation

We started by closing the feedback loop on existing paid search leads. We did this by integrating with Hubspot to identify which keywords and ads were delivering the best quality leads. From there, we rebuilt the paid search structure from the ground up with a new campaign, revamped keyword scope, refreshed ad copy, custom landing pages, and KPI-driven strategies—all with scalability in mind!

Determine How and Where to Scale

Once a performance benchmark was established with proven results, Gemini worked on increasing Zubie’s lead volume by greatly expanding the keyword scope, geos to target, and analyzing the competitive landscape within paid search.

We were able to identify keywords where competition was low, and the quality-of-lead was high. With our scalable foundation in place, Zubie capitalized on these keywords and grew their paid search program significantly.

The Results:

Zubie’s paid search program saw quick and sustained growth. Gemini scaled their paid search program effectively:

Increased Lead Volume by 62%

Decreased Cost Per Lead by 6%


Paid Search (Done Right) Provides Scalable Results

The approach Gemini applied to Zubie was data-driven, customized, and scalable. Zubie’s previous agencies had only ever adopted generic paid search structures that got ad clicks, but not quality leads. Campaign structure, keyword bidding, ad text, the website a prospect is sent to… It all matters! Gemini’s paid search pros analyzed and improved every aspect of Zubie’s paid search strategy.