Defying the Odds: How Paid Search Increased Lead Volume Despite Fewer Program Assisting Ad Channels

See how Gemini's paid search services increased lead volume for our Michigan pest control client


A pest control company that services residential and commercial properties all over Michigan came to Gemini with one simple goal: increase lead volume. Well, the concept is simple. 

The execution? A little more complex. Lucky for this pest control company, we love a good challenge.

The Challenge 

The paid search team at Gemini was tasked with increasing lead volume YoY despite losing the boost of Connected TV (CTV), which had been running the previous year. Without this extra channel promoting the company, we knew that in order to increase leads we would need to put our heads together for a shift in strategy. 

Our Strategy

simplifying campaigns across the board

We worked to streamline the account’s success by simplifying campaigns across the board. Meaning, we overhauled the ad group and keyword structure, moving from bidding on a lot of terms per ad group to focusing solely on the keywords that were top-performing historically. 

We also knew that we would see a decline in brand performance YoY due to cutting CTV ads. To fight this, we worked on building up our non-brand presence. By targeting top-performing keywords within our non-brand campaigns, we were able to eliminate wasteful spend and focus solely on terms that worked best for the client. This new strategy gave us the ability to revamp our non-brand campaigns all the way down to the keyword level, making sure that every term we were bidding on was optimized to convert at a reasonable cost for the client.

Results: More Conversions for Less

By decluttering the account, we created efficiencies that led to more conversions at a lower cost, despite losing CTV. Our shift in strategy increased lead volume 9% YoY. We were also able to decrease cost-per-lead by 5% YoY while increasing the conversion rate 19% YoY. 

Plus, The simplicity in monitoring this account allows us to pinpoint any problem keywords early on, which sets this client up for success moving forward.

9% YoY

increased lead volume

5% YoY

decrease cost-per-lead

19% YoY

increasing the conversion rate 



At Gemini, our number one priority is to help our customers excel and flourish no matter what tools, circumstances, or requests are at hand. With this Michigan pest control company, we did just that. Sure, we lost an ad channel, but that didn’t stop us from doing what we do best: helping a client reach their digital goals so they can do what they do best: keep pests away from Michiganders!