It doesn’t matter where you are.

Whether you’re walking down the street or sitting in an office chair, the possibility of staying constantly engaged in news and pop culture means no excuse for missing the newest trends or stories — or what just went on sale at your favorite store down the street.

The urge to consume information as it arrives draws your eyes to your mobile device, or to others’ faces. You want to read it, and you want your friends to read it.

Chances are, you’re on Facebook.

Did you know Facebook accounts for nearly 20 percent of all time spent on mobile devices? The average user checks their account 14 times per day. If you’re a business owner, that’s over a dozen potential moments to engage with a single consumer in a day. Be sure you’re making it count.

The Gemini Agency team spent some time with Facebook last week at Boost Your Business in Minneapolis’ Aria venue. We know how important Facebook can be to small, medium, and large businesses, so here are three takeaways for boosting your business with the ever-growing social network.

1. Speak more than you sell

Yes, customers want to know all about your latest products, services and bestsellers. But many of them want to know who they’re buying from. Whether you’re a one-of-a-kind shoe re-soler or slowly joining the company of similar businesses, you have your own story.

There are aspects of your business that set you apart, and it’s time to tell your story to customers. It’s important to humanize your business and be relatable. We’re not saying you need to let your customers know what you’re having for dinner, but tell them about that time an employee stepped out of the box, or how a neighboring business inspired you to start one of your own.

Put content on Facebook that’s legitimately fun, such as behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, or link to interesting things on your website, but in all things, stay human and speak about more than just your products and services.

2. Target those who matter

As Facebook users typically check the site 14 times each day, the site is a prime advertising location. There are nearly 40 million small businesses with Facebook pages, but only 2 million of them utilize Facebook advertising. Why not invest in reaching users on the platform that means the most to them?

If you haven’t started advertising on Facebook, you’re not too late. The process is fairly simple. Here’s where it gets interesting: the targeting options allow you to send ads to the most relevant audience for your business. Chris from Arcade Brewery in Chicago knew that if he was going to succeed, his unique product with a comic book on every bottle would need to be seen by the right people. Facebook proved critical in advertising to the right people.

Spend your hard-earned money wisely by reaching the people who matter with advanced targeting techniques. Facebook advertising is worthwhile in its own right, but make sure your dollars are going toward specific people and you’re not spending money on those who aren’t interested in your business or product.

For more on getting spectacular results from Facebook advertising, check out our 5 insider tips for Facebook advertising from Facebook itself.

3. Establish a community

Facebook is a two-way street. Customers might be liking your page or sharing your photos, but if you’re not letting them know who they’re interacting with, communication is likely to cease or land with little impact. It’s your job to build brand champions who will share your messages.

Communities stick together. Your messages should be concise, consistent and encourage interaction. Diamond Candles saw a large increase in sales through its growing community and customer base. The company sells candles with a surprise ring inside worth up to $5,000 — and its Facebook page encourages users to post pictures of what they found, in addition to frequent contests and giveaways.

Be relatable, be engaging, and don’t be a computer. Customers crave being a part of a human enterprise and sharing that experience with others to form a social identity. By having a strong identity of your own, their identification with your brand will almost build itself.

Boost Your Business with Facebook

Simply having a Facebook page creates awareness for a brand or company, but now’s the time to use common-sense techniques to boost your business on the mega-popular social network. These simple ways to tell your story to a specific audience and create advocates are worth it. Your business deserves a small transformation that will make a big difference.