Creating quality video content is no easy undertaking. I will admit this post didn’t turn out exactly as I had anticipated. After four failed attempts at making a video recap of SMBMSP74, I decided that my video chops just wouldn’t cut it, yet.

On Friday I attended Social Media Breakfast in Minneapolis at 514 Studios. As with the last few events, this one was completely sod out. The topic of the day was “Video & Social Media” and featured the following discussion panel:

Below are some of the snippets that I thought were the most impactful as well as some of the top tweets from the event.

7 Tweetable Takeaways from #SMBMSP74

  1. 100 million internet users watch online video each day.
  2. 90% of online shoppers at major retailers website said they find video helpful in making purchasing decisions.
  3. When you create a video you are able to dictate the tone of your content. That is not what always happens when someone reads your content.
  4. Access to tools such as smartphones is really upping video Younger generations have already been creating videos for years
  5. There are new statistics out saying that Facebook currently has more video views than YouTube. Auto-play may be part of the reason.
  6. How long should your video be? That all depends on who your audience is and their attention span for video.
  7. Utilize SEO best practices and optimize your video headlines. When someone clicks on your video the content should reflect the title.

Top Tweets From #SMBMSP74