Advertising on Streaming TV

How it Works and What it Means for You

Historically, the targeting and data reporting advantages of digital marketing has been far superior to that of TV. However, the rise of streaming services is fusing the capabilities of digital with streaming TV, combining a valuable opportunity for brands.

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How it Works

Streaming comes in many forms. Viewers can stream their favorite channels directly through networks, or through platforms like Sling TV, Crackle, Pluto.TV,, Hulu, PlaystationVue and more. Unlike traditional TV, streaming tv links with user data through IP address, cookies and matches IP addresses with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data. With streaming tv, advertisers may flight commercials in a way that directly targets the user by their known data, as opposed to the traditional method of simply running ads at certain times or for certain shows. This in effect goes over-the-top (dubbed “OTT”) of the typical network commercial placement model for a more sophisticated ad flight strategy.

In 2019, a forecasted 205 million users will stream programs–a number that surpasses traditional paid TV by almost 20 million.

90% of Ad-supported OTT viewers say ads on Free ad-supported videos are the same as or better, more relevant, more engaging and more unique than those on TV, because ads are tailored and targeted towards user demographics, not network or show.

What OTT means for Brands

Integrated media campaigns are becoming increasingly more important components of advertising strategies, making it essential to plan cross-platform campaigns that deliver on your communication planning goals and more effectively reach your target consumers whether they are watching TV, streaming online video, or surfing the internet.

OTT / Connected TV advertising brings with it the opportunity to create dynamic, interactive, even “shoppable” ad experiences that can drive increased engagement and brand recall, bringing consumers further down the purchase funnel.

Gemini OTT Advertising Options are only flighted through trusted sources to include:

  • TV length video ads (:15s, :30s,)
  • Non-skippable ads with overall completion rates of over 95%
  • Addressable / precision targeting at the household level over 125 networks
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • A quality, controlled Inventory with no open exchanges
  • Pre-roll and mid roll-only ads (no commercials run at the end of a program with low engagement)
  • Brand security: Your campaigns run alongside trusted brands and known content.

With Gemini you’ll leverage buying power on more than 125 networks, targeting users by demographics, with solutions that are brand safe and fraud free.