Your prospects are searching for your products online. Why not connect them with your dealers instantly, and let them close the deal? That’s where Channelwize comes in. Gemini offers affordable, turn-key digital marketing solutions for franchisees with our service called Channelwize. Our job is to get your dealers more visible in a variety of online channels with exciting offers, and then connect them with optimized landing pages where they can take the next step.

Channelwize offers powerful tools to help your dealers connect with prospects online.

Imagine if ALL your dealers had paid search programs promoting your brand. Think of how that would impact your bottom line. Unfortunately, for most small business owners, managing pay-per-click advertising is just too complicated. Channelwize makes it easy to harness one of the hardest working marketing tools available today.

Our proprietary solution allows us to manage multiple campaigns for hundreds of geographically targeted dealers, all pointed to a highly optimized landing pages promoting your products and brand. Dealers today are looking for simple, affordable ways to generate traffic and increase sales. Channelwize delivers a professional web marketing program that franchisees wouldn’t be able to run on their own. If they could, it would likely cost much more. Easy to understand, easy to participate, and we handle all the details.

More Reasons to Use Channelwize

Co-Branding Helps Ensure Success: promoting both your dealers and your products create increased opportunities. Using localized web marketing helps customers feel connected to your dealers and your brand.

Customized Programs: Each dealer gets their own individualized program made to give each dealer their own unique feel customized to reach their desired customers, not a cookie cutter website.

Shared Costs Makes It Affordable: Gemini offers affordable marketing programs that dealers will gladly invest in to promote your products. The low cost and high ROI entices more dealers to participate. And, our clients are able to pass 75% or more of costs to their sales channel.

Proper Merchandising Increases Dealer Participation: When franchisees identify the right marketing opportunity, they want to participate. Our online and offline merchandising strategies are developed to attract dealers, and Channelwize makes it easy for them to sign up and get started.

Is Channelwize the turn-key channel marketing solution you’ve been looking for? Visit the Channelwize website for more information or contact Gemini to get started!