Ghostbloggers Propel Company Blogs Into The Blogosphere

So what exactly is a Ghostblogger? Ghostbloggers transform subject matter experts’ (SMEs) ideas into meaningful content, because not all SMEs are writers. Despite questions of ethicality, authenticity of content and just how “social” Ghostblogging can be, it is necessary for companies who want an online presence. To help address these objections SMEs must prepare detailed outlines, work closely with their ghostblogger and be open to change. Content Marketing Institute

Following The “F” Rule to Increase Customer Conversion Rates

Many eye-tracking studies have proven that consumers view webpages in an “F” pattern – most importance placed in the top left and less as we go down the page. Companies should optimize their webpages by placing bold, attractive call-to-actions in the upper left corner to increase conversions. Using concise, data-driven copy and enticing graphics are the final piece of the conversion puzzle. Search Engine Journal

STUDY: Americans Spend More Time On Social Media Than Other Internet Activity, Including Email

Unplanned and unguided posting simply doesn’t cut it in today’s social environment. A well-developed strategy of original and relevant content is the key to unlocking a fan base. Overposting, overselling, and disengagement are a sure way to lose your following. The term “social” means it is a two-way street; posting without replying means your company isn’t fully engaging its customers. Entrepreneur

Google Panda To Lower Rank Of Generic Product Photos and Descriptions

Many e-commerce sites get their photos and descriptions from generic manufacturer databases – the same photos and descriptions everyone else uses. This is partly why Google added Panda, a change to its search algorithms in 2011, which aims to lower the rank of “low-quality” or “thin” sites. Adding unique and accurate information with original photos will create more customer value. This means you will have higher conversion rates from more satisfied customers AND Panda will rank you higher in searches, meaning more traffic. It’s a win-win situation. Moz

Koru Raises $8M Series A Round For Its Talent Marketplace

A Seattle-based company, Koru is a talent marketplace that helps college grads find jobs at tech companies by putting them through an intensive business program. Today’s round brings Koru’s total funding to $12.57M. “There is a clear and massive need for an efficient talent marketplace in today’s job market where employer expectations for entry-level hires are increasing while pathways for graduates are less and less clear,” said Kristen Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Koru. According to internal data, 85 percent of its alumni get a job within two months of completion of the program. TechCrunch

Essentials in Implementing an SEO-Effective Infinite Scroll

There’s no question that Infinite Scroll can lead to a better user experience and keep your company up-to-date with the latest digital trends. The main issue though? Indexing. When the search engine lands on your webpage, it will only see the content that is first presented to the user without having to scroll. To address this shortcoming, you must help Google detect your entire website’s content to effectively index your website using an interlinking strategy. The major advantage to Infinite Scroll lies in optimizing conversions, as a well-established Infinite Scroll will not influence the SEO performance of a website. Search Engine Watch

Speak Now, Or Later

Do you think that utilizing Ghostbloggers in place of SMEs writing their own copy makes sense, or dupes the audience? Will you take steps towards optimizing your web pages to follow the “F” rule?