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Google Panda Turned Four Years Old This Week

Panda 1.0 was released on February 24, 2011 – four years ago today and it may have been the most significant quality algorithm released to date by Google, even more so than Penguin. Since then, over 20 confirmed updates and likely 50+ unconfirmed updates to the algorithm have been done. It fundamentally changed how many SEOs worked on sites. Panda has tremendously cleaned up Google’s quality perspective almost overnight. Search Engine Roundtable

AdWords To Conduct Spring Cleaning Across The Board

Sometimes “remove” doesn’t cut it, and accounts are haunted by the ghosts of ads, ad groups and campaigns that never amounted to anything. We’re not getting a delete function, but Google is going to be doing some spring cleaning to get rid of the bad ads that never earned an impression and have been removed for more than 100 days. To reiterate, the criteria for deletion are: 0 impressions and removed for more than 100 days. Along with the trimming down of your unused ads, it will no longer be possible to reactivate campaigns or ad groups that have been removed from your account. If you’re using the remove function as another way to pause campaigns and ad groups that you may want  to use in the future, now’s the time to set those entities to paused. Search Engine Land

Yahoo Looks To Break Google’s Mobile Monopoly With Search-Friendly Apps

Yahoo wants to replace Google as the most-used search engine in the mobile marketing and in doing so could solve a problem that vexes smartphone users – having to exit an app to perform search queries. The plan by CEO Marissa Mayer is straightforward enough: put Yahoo Search on as many mobile apps as it possibly can. Central to the strategy is “Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite,” announced last week. It gives developers the means to embed Yahoo Search directly into their apps. Mobile search is currently dominated by Google, which holds an 87 percent market share, according to StatCounter. IB Times

Apple Set To Remove Google As Default Search Engine Option

It seems Google has some tough times ahead. After losing Firefox as a supporter of their search engine earlier this year, it appears that Apple is likely to go in the same direction, possibly in a new deal with Microsoft. This comes on the tail of a recent marketing scandal between the companies and also a wide array of competing products. Now Bing stands as the most likely default search engine option for future Apple products. It is also rumored that Apple might be looking to create their own search engine program in order to “go it alone”. Know Techie

Facebook Introduces App For Managing Ads On The Go

To meet the demand of its over 800,000 monthly advertisers, Facebook has introduced a new mobile app that will help make it easier to manage ads on the go. With the new Ads Manager app you can now create new ads or monitor existing ones, as well as edit ads, budgets and schedules. The app is available starting today for iOS users in the US. Facebook says the company is currently in the process of developing the ads manager app for Android, and expects it to launch later this year. Search Engine Journal