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Google Confirms Intentions For Mobile Search

There has been a lot of speculation recently about if Google intends to use mobile search as a ranking factor. Google announced last week that it is expanding on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Google doesn’t typically make announcement regarding algorithm changes using phrases like “significant impact,” and they don’t normally provide an exact date for when an algorithm change will occur. This serves as a clear warning for those who haven’t already adapted their websites to mobile to begin making this transition before the April 21 deadline. Search Engine Watch

Twitter-Hosted Video Can Now Be Embedded On Your Website

Twitter recently added a new feature to its service where you can capture and upload video using Twitter’s official apps, allowing you to tweet video without having to first upload that video to a third party. If your website is built on WordPress, and you’re looking for a more intuitive way to embed video tweets into your posts, there’s another option for you. Twitter recently came out with its own WordPress plugin that, among other features, includes the ability to embed video tweets simply by pasting a link to the tweet in the content editor.  Search Engine Journal

YP Launches New Local Search Marketplace For National Advertisers

YP has built a new PPC platform to appeal to these national-locals called “ypSearch Marketplace.” It’s a paid-search, bidded marketplace that taps into company’s 80 million monthly users on the PC and mobile. It’s also the infrastructure behind last week’s “one-stop shop” PPC offering for small businesses. The new ypSearch Marketplace allows marketers to import or modify current campaigns and run them on the YP network. The tools, bidding and reporting are nearly identical to those found in Google and Bing. Search Engine Land

84 Percent of Millennials Don’t Trust Traditional Advertising

Marketers today face a huge obstacle when trying to reach young consumers: 84 percent of Millennials don’t like traditional advertising nor do they trust it, according to a recent study. To solve this problem, brands need to empower their customers on social and put people at the heart of their marketing strategy, according to executives from Crowdtap, Weight Watchers, and MRY. Clickz

Pinterest Narrows Ad Targeting, Tests Animated Pins

Pinterest will be offering advertisers a more precise way to reach the intended audience beyond its 30 different categories for pins including food & drink, hair & beauty and sports. Previously, for example, a marketer may have only been able to target interests broadly in sports, but now it will be able to target specific sports like soccer. In addition, Pinterest will test a new ad format: animated pins that move when users scroll. The new services come as Pinterest works to offer a more sophisticated and targeted ad offering to marketers in order to position itself as an essential social-media platform for marketers. Ad Age

Standard Banner Ads Decline As Content And Video Get Richer

Video and rich media ads usage is on the rise as consumers engage more fully with such mediums over standard banners advertising. Research from Mobile Mix, The Mobile Device Index year in review from Millennial Media, shows that video and rich media ads result in nearly twice the engagement of standard banners. The study showed that in 2014 91% of all developers and publishers on the Millennial Media platform allowed standard banners – down from 93% the year before. Rich media banner ads meanwhile rose from 68% to 81% and rich media interstitial from 25% to 35%. Video rose from 23% to 29% in 2014. Marketing Tech News