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Say Hello to “Hello”: What Facebook’s New App Could Mean for Businesses

A new app, announced and launched last week, will diversify Facebook’s communications presence even further by impacting your phone call experience. The app is called “Hello,” and it works by matching the phone numbers that call you with Facebook profiles and business pages. When you receive a call, you’ll see information about who’s calling, including their profile picture, job title, and other relevant information. Learn more about what the Hello app means for business.

Google Adds 70 Additional Google Now Cards

The search powerhouse introduced Google Now cards back in February as a way for users to keep up with information from 40 different apps, including Pandora, eBay, and Airbnb. For example, when you turn your mobile Internet back on after a flight, a card from Lyft may remind you to order a car, while one from d, which keeps track of frequently ordered items, may let you know that it’s time to stock up on those items. Some newly available apps include Spotify, OpenTable, Jawbone, ABC News, RunKeeper, YouTube, and Zipcar. Search Engine Watch

Twitter’s Full Google Search Integration Is Coming In May

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said during Twitter’s Q1 earnings call today to expect the integration to be rolled out in May, but that he didn’t have a specific date to share. He also mentioned, almost in passing, that Twitter is talking with Apple to introduce Twitter content into Spotlight search on iOS and OS X devices. Search Engine Land

Vulnerability Found in Latest Versions of WordPress, Patch Now Available

A new comment XSS exploit vulnerability, being called “Zero Day”, has been found in the latest versions of WordPress: 4.2, 4.1.2, 4.1.1, and 3.9.3. The Zero Day exploit allows an attacker to insert JavaScript into comments. An attacker could leverage this type of vulnerability to insert code into the website’s server and do anything that a logged-in admin would be able to do.

The WordPress security team has released a patch that is now available to download, or to update through your WordPress dashboard. Search Engine Journal

BuzzFeed Unveils Two New Ad Products at NewFronts

At the NewFronts 2015, BuzzFeed publisher Dao Nguyen introduced POUND, the process for optimizing and understanding network diffusion. The product is a tool for understanding content journey across the Web, from the original source through the often-tangled network of social media and “dark social,” like Gchat and email.

BuzzFeed’s video dashboard for brands will now be available to all of the site’s video advertisers. The product aims to look at engagement trends for different social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to find out what type of content resonates on each site. ClickZ

Pinterest Enlists Partners to Help Scale Brand Activity

Pinterest launched a partnership program with a select group of 10 marketing services companies that are developing tools to help commercial pinners optimize their content on the social network. “About two thirds of the content on Pinterest comes from brands and publishers,” says Jyri Kidwell, who heads up the new Marketing Developer Partners (MDP) program. “Brands are a natural part of Pinterest. They improve the overall content for pinners, who come to us to plan their future and discover what they want to do in life.” Direct Marketing News