The Latest & Greatest in Digital Marketing

#1 Google Panda Update Coming In Upcoming Weeks

At SMX Advanced tonight, Google’s Gary Illyes announced that the next Panda update will happen in the upcoming weeks. He said he expects it in the next two to four weeks. Illyes referred to it multiple times as a data refresh, not an algorithmic change. So sites that have been suffering from this algorithm may see a recovery in the near future. However, not all sites will see a recovery; Some may not recover, and new sites may also be hit by this data refresh. Search Engine Land

#2 Yahoo Allows Advertisers to Independently Validate Viewability and Fraud

In order to provide more transparency to its clients, Yahoo is providing independent viewability and fraud measurement for display and video advertising on its owned and operated properties, as well as media purchased across its programmatic buying platform.

As viewability hovers at around 50 percent, brands increasingly want to check publishers’ math with third-party measurement companies, but many major industry players like Google and Facebook don’t give them that flexibility. Yahoo is partnering with third-party measurement companies that align with guidelines for measurement set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council (MRC), including comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Moat, among others. ClickZ

#3 Pinterest Adds One-Click Shopping With “Buyable Pins”

Pinterest will announce today during a press conference “Buyable Pins”, where users can purchase items directly on Pinterest. For consumers, this is great news because your likelihood of a dead-end link will reduce. And, for e-commerce websites, this is another potential revenue stream to capitalize upon. If a Pin has a blue price, it’s a signal that you can buy it straight from Pinterest. Search Engine Journal

#4 Bing Adds Automated Rules to Streamline Campaign Management

Bing has introduced automated rules, a new feature that enables advertisers to schedule and automate their top campaign management operations.

With the new “Automate” tab, Bing users can avoid lots of manual work when they set campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Of course, the new feature allows marketers to execute other automated actions, such as start and stop a campaign for a special event, avoid costs on poor performing keywords or ads, and keep ads on the first page. Search Engine Watch