The Latest & Greatest in Digital Marketing

#1 [STUDY] Lack of Premium Inventory Inhibits Video Ad Spend

While digital video is becoming an effective channel to engage with consumers, many brands, agencies and publishers are seeking alternatives due to limited premium video inventory, according to a report from research company Forrester.

The report shows that 40 percent of agencies and 27 percent of advertisers are worried that lack of premium video inventory will hurt the video market in the future, even though 70 percent of agencies and 77 percent of advertisers surveyed expect video budgets to jump in the next two years. For more detailed information from the study, visit Teads.


#2 Google Will Now Index App Content on iOS Devices

Google has announced that iOS users who search via the Google app will now be able to find content that exists on other iOS apps. For example, searching for a restaurant may return content from the OpenTable app — searching for recipes may return content from the Pinterest app, and so on.

To start with, Google is launching this feature with a small section of apps that include Pinterest, Huffington Post, Free Dictionary and many more. This move from Google is a small step towards indexing app content — especially compared to the giant leap announced by Bing several weeks ago. Search Engine Journal

#3 Google’s Amazing Location-Aware Search Finds Answers About Nearby Places

How tall is that tower in front of you? What’s the name of a river you’re near? What time does the store in front of you close? Google’s new “location-aware” search can answer questions like these, even if you yourself don’t know the exact name of something you’re near.

Google demonstrated the feature at our SMX Paris search-marketing event yesterday. It’s relatively new, having been released several weeks ago both for Android and for those using the Google Search App on iOS. But Google never made a formal announcement about it, so few have known you can do this type of searching, until now. Search Engine Land

#4 Yahoo and Tumblr Modernize with Searchable GIFs

As users get ready to publish their content, they can click the + and GIF buttons to choose an animated image indexed on Tumblr that fits in with what they’re trying to convey. Engagement is a huge factor when it comes to which GIFs rank highest.

“Since GIFs have replaced written language, we’re making it easier to turn your obsolete verbiage into modern moving pictures,” Tumblr said in a recent blog post. Search Engine Watch