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#1 Google May Have Penalized Another Underground Link Network

We are seeing reports in various “black hat” SEO forums that their website rankings in Google have dramatically fallen overnight. It seems, based on the reports I am reading, that the commonality between all the websites is that they were all using a link network named SAPE. Google previously targeted SAPE in March 2013, but they revamped their system and quickly became a network many link schemers used. Search Engine Land

#2 The Ad Blocker Landscape: What You Need To Know Today

recent report found that about 16 percent of users in the U.S. block ads. Globally, there are nearly 200 million people stopping ads, 181 million of which are on the desktop. Almost $22 billion in global ad revenues has been blocked so far this year, representing about 14 percent of all global ad budgets, with the U.S.’s final figure for 2015 expected to be about $10.7 billion. Next year, the U.S. figure is projected to double. Marketing Land

#3 Yahoo Gemini Slows Down Q3 Paid Search Growth

Yahoo and Bing amended their partnership in April of this year, giving Yahoo more autonomy to sell its own ads in its search results via its ad marketplace, Gemini. This change has had a great impact on search trends in the third quarter (Q3) of 2015, according to a new report by digital marketing company IgnitionOne.


While this is an impressive increase compared to Q3 of 2014, it is a slower growth rate than the last two quarters in 2015, according to the report. ClickZ

#4 Instagram Launches Account For Sharing Business Tips and Case Studies

Instagram has launched a new official account, appropriately titled @instagramforbusiness, with the express purpose of sharing business tips and case studies.

The company explains that businesses have been an integral part of Instagram since the beginning — with many more expected to join the platform following the launch of Instagram adsSearch Engine Journal

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