#1 Google Search Is Testing Split-View Language Interface

Google is testing a new method of showing multiple languages in the mobile search results interface in India. Abhijeet Mukherjee shared a screen shot of Google showing him two tabs, one for English results and one for Hindi results, in a single search results page on Google India.

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#2 Consumer Search Behavior: Stats and Trends

You will already be fully aware that 50% of all search is done via mobile, but perhaps the most surprising thing about this stat is that it relates to high-end smartphones only, not tablets.

There’s been a shift in the way we use search, moving from asking questions like “what is” or “who is” to instead asking “how to” or “why?”

When it comes to age, people between 18-60 all use search in the same manner. However if you’re over 60, you may spend double the amount of time on a SERP (all of an extra four seconds).

For more interesting search stats, visit Search Engine Watch.

#3 Pre-Set Holiday Hours on Your Google My Business Page

Previously, if you wanted to make a change to your business hours on a particular day, you would have to do it on that day and change it back right after.

Now, if you know in advance when your business will be running on holiday hours, you can schedule your Google My Business page to automatically change opening hours for those days only. For a how to guide to updating your hours, visit Search Engine Journal.

#4 The Cornerstone of The Ad Blocking Issue

Ad blocking is such a hot topic right now, not only because it’s such an expensive problem – Adobe and PageFair estimate a loss of $21.8bn in global ad revenue this year – but one surrounded by so much mystery.

The central theme of the issue is a series of misconceptions. One common example of ignorance in the ad blocking conversation is that consumers don’t realize how they benefit from advertising, which helps to make much of the Internet’s content free. ClickZ