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#1 Google To Begin To Index HTTPS Pages First

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji announced that going forward, Google will try to index HTTPS pages first, before the HTTP equivalent page. That means that if your site’s internal navigation references the HTTP URLs, Google will try to see if the same pages work on HTTPS. If they do, Google will index the HTTPS version and show those pages in the search results. Read more of the conditions Google presented at Search Engine Land.

#2 Facebook Eases Up on its Real-Name Policy

Facebook’s infamous real-name policy — which requires everyone to use either a real name, or a name they’re known by — is now going to be more efficiently enforced. A new set of tools have been released that are designed to accomplish two primary goals: reduce the amount of people asked to verify their name, and make it easier for people to verify their name if required. Search Engine Journal

#3 How US Consumers Are Searching For 2015 Holiday Gift Ideas

According to a new Searchmetrics study, 67% of 2,000 US consumers polled will have researched gifts online on their smartphones. However an impressive 20% say their phone is the only device they’ll use for researching gifts online during the holidays. And where are shoppers doing the bulk of their shopping research? 62% of US consumers will have researched Christmas gifts by looking on Amazon, and 44% performing searches on Google. Search Engine Watch

#4 Tweets of the Week: The Force Awakens Among Brands

Unless you live in a galaxy far, far away, you must have noticed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens created a whirlwind on Twitter this week. While fans were predicting that the seventh episode could be the best Star Wars movie yet, brands were cashing in on The Force Awakens craze. Retailers like Target and Best Buy were fully stocked and looking to see gains in the few days leading up to the film. See more examples at ClickZ.

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