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#1 CONFIRMED: Google Core Search Algorithm Update & Expect Future Changes As Well

Yesterday, there was reported SEO chatter around a possible Google update that touched down that morning. Google has confirmed with us that this was an update to the core search algorithm and nothing related to the Panda algorithm that we are expecting to see updated shortly. In addition, Google told us to expect future core search algorithm updates in the future as they continue to work on making search quality better. Search Engine Land

#2 Twitter Follows Facebook With Autoplay Videos in Timeline

Twitter has followed in the footsteps of Facebook with the introduction of autoplaying video.


GIF via Twitter Blog

In a move that is no doubt music to advertisers’ ears, videos, GIFs and Vines will now play automatically, albeit silently, as you scroll through your Twitter timeline. The move is being promoted as a positive development for users, but it is more likely that Twitter is appealing to advertisers that want video adverts to play directly in timelines without the user having to press play. ClickZ

#3 Google Trends Updated to Provide Minute-by-Minute Data on Trending Searches

Today, Google unveiled the most significant update to come to Google Trends in the past three years. Google Trends will now offer real-time data on what people are searching for right at this moment.

The minute-by-minute data in Google Trends will not only show what stories people are searching for at the moment, but where in the world the most interest is coming from. You can also track this data over time by selecting any time range within the last week. Search Engine Journal

#4 Google Maps Warns Users When Their Destination Will Be Closed

As more and more brands provide business information on Google, Maps has become more intelligent, now informing users if they have enough time to explore a place.


Image via Android Police

The new feature is listed in Maps’ updated changelog. It shows that users will receive a warning when they are about to navigate to a place that will be closed at time of arrival. Search Engine Watch

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