The anticipated change is finally arriving as users are spending more and more time on mobile devices: Google will essentially be judging the quality of your site by its mobile version.

In years past, desktop was the primary choice of internet surfers. Computers and laptops made up the vast majority of preferred hardware for interacting with sites. However, mobile has steadily climbed over the years to the point where it is overtaking this majority. As a result, Google needs to ensure that their search engine remains relevant and provides an optimal user experience. Since user behavior shows that more people are now using mobile devices, search result rankings need to reflect the quality of the mobile sites that these searchers will be referred to.

What this means is Google will create and rank search listings based on how well the mobile version performs, even for listings that are shown to desktop users.

Why This Matters

This year we are anticipating signals that used to only impact searches from mobile devices become signals that impact all searches. Sites that fail to work on a mobile device may become obsolete. Successful site owners will be proactive with this change and assure that their sites will maintain relevance and visibility.

What Should you Do?

Make sure all of your websites are responsive. Mobile sites need to be optimized. Make sure that you get out in front of this change to rank high and maintain the position. If you haven’t already started optimizing your mobile site, get in touch with an expert soon.

Other Common Questions:

What if I don’t have a mobile site?

Google will instead crawl your desktop site. This is not to say that you should avoid having a mobile site to avoid changes in your ranking, because if people are using mobile, they are not going to interact with your site as well and this will negatively impact your performance.

What if I have less content on my mobile site?

If you have less content on your mobile site, you should add it. Otherwise, reports show that Google will not crawl content that is only on desktop. Google recommends a responsive approach to this, so make an effort to transfer the content and be conscious of how the transfer will work on mobile.

Not sure what to do next for this change? Get in touch and we’ll share our insights for your particular needs. 


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