Gruen’s Guiding Principles

Since starting work at Gruen about a month ago, I’ve learned so much. For one, don’t try to make your lunch in the kitchen at noon—you’ll just be in somebody’s way. Diet Cola from Kirkland (Diet Kirk) does not taste like Diet Coke, no matter how many times you try to tell yourself otherwise. And any meeting that starts with, “I just want to show you guys something real quick,” usually segues into several hours of discussion.

All jokes aside, though, Gruen operates under something called the Gruen Compass, a set of guiding principles that help strengthen our company’s identity and character. The Gruen Compass describes the values, behaviors, practices and principles that are the foundation of our culture. It explains how we relate to our customers, each other, and our vendors. It’s who we are and what will set us apart. It has what has helped me learn the fundamentals of the company culture and understand its roots.

We want everyone to know what makes us tick, so we’re going to feature a few tenets each week to help you get to know us.


Do what is best for the client.  I have yet to be in a meeting where we aren’t considering the best interest of the client. When someone presents a new idea, the team discusses which of out clients might benefit from it. If a problem arises, we immediately discuss which clients it may affect. Gruen supports a client-centric environment and it shows in the tenure of their clients.

Check the ego at the door.

Keep things fun.


Create warmth & friendliness with all client contact

Follow-up on everything

We take ownership

Communicate to be understood

Be punctual.


We promote collaboration and teamwork.

Be for each other. This office cares about everybody—not in a creepy, weird, excessive way, but in a kind, caring, endearing way that immediately makes you feel at home. Gruen provides support and respect unlike any workplace I’ve ever been in. Feeling simultaneously challenged and supported is conducive to a great workspace.