Nothing like a first impression! Be sure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to web presence and optimization. We’re pros at getting it right.

Challenge Accepted

We understand how rules of professional responsibility play into the overall scheme of digitally portraying your firm.  Staying ethical but attracting new business and keeping a certain image is a tough balance to strike. It’s important to have a website that highlights the firm’s strengths, inspires confidence in your practice, and has the ability to speak to the modern legal consumer.

Like it or not, this is how the overall legitimacy of your firm is judged. It’s too easy in todays age for potential clients to write you off in their legal services shopping endeavors because of an aesthetically defunct or poorly functioning website. Don’t fall victim to web dev negligence…we’re here for you.

The Cold Hard Facts

More than 35% of legal consumers start their search for an attorney using online resources. Given this high percentage, one would think that most firms’ websites are optimized for mobile and up to snuff in general.

As it turns out, only one third of ALL law firm websites are optimized for mobile devices and only 53% of ALL law firm websites have organized site content. In our eyes, these petty offenses are missed opportunities that we can help you capitalize on by building out professional, reliable, and strategically optimized websites and digital assets for your firm.

WE Represent YOU

Usability, accessibility, responsiveness, and style are the four main tenets of the design and development approach at Gemini. Whether you need a cohesive visual branding strategy for your digital footprint, specific landing pages that integrate seamlessly into your existing website, or a complete site overhaul, our design and development team will work closely with you to implement web assets that fit your firm’s goals and aesthetic. You can be certain that any online representation of your firm is not only pleasing, but draws potential clients in and leaves them with a positive first impression.

You benefit from our small team approach to development and design. You’ll work directly with our designers and developers to create your vision. They’ll make that vision a reality and keep you in the loop as your ideas develop from wireframes to mockups to actual web pages. Collaboration is key to success, and close-knit teamwork is how we make it happen.

Our Process

DISCOVERY:Let’s talk about what you like in a web site and what you want for your own.

PLANNING:We’ll draw wireframes to start planning the look, feel, and layout of your new site.

PRODUCTION: Collaborating with you along the way, we’ll go from wireframe to actual web page with help from our team of talented, dedicated in-house designers and developers.

POST-PRODUCTION:We’re not just here to make you a great new site, we’re here to make sure it stays running, stays performing, and most importantly – stays safe.