Google Enhanced Campaigns will be launching next month and we, here at Gemini, want to make sure we are ahead of the curve. We have already made the switch for most of our clients and have begun to see several differences between the Legacy Campaigns and new Enhanced Campaigns.

Relevance of ads served– Enhanced campaigns allow us to gain more control over the relevance of the ads we serve to our clients. We gain the ability to show unique ads with creative copy and custom sitelink extensions based on the context of the prospective customer.
Multi-device campaigns– Within a single campaign, we can customize ads by device to make sure we are serving the most relevant message. Enhanced Campaigns also allow us to manage bids across several devices at once.

By launching the Enhanced Campaigns early, we have been able to restructure our accounts as necessary and test the benefits of these new campaign abilities. We are confident that Enhanced Campaigns will increase our customization abilities and therefore increase our conversion rates.

-Clair Wenzel