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Connected TV (CTV) Advertising Services

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Connected TV marketing refers to buying space for your ad creative to run on various digital platforms. It may be the single most effective contemporary digital means of quickly putting your brand and services in front of as many relevant users as possible… provided it’s done correctly.

Connecting Art and Science

Most agencies treat Connected TV more like an art than a science. They “pay to play” and attribute success or failure to ad quality. And sure, ad quality matters, but it’s not all that matters. Connected TV is an art… but it’s also a science. Accounting for metrics like audience and location makes just as big a difference as your ad. You need the art and the science. That’s exactly what makes Gemini’s Connected TV solutions Advanced.

Gemini’s Connected TV specialists incorporate data science into every aspect of your Connected TV campaign. We connect campaigns to Google Analytics, develop custom reporting, refine your audience with our data, and even use analytics to develop our creative! We never stop tweaking your strategy until it’s best it can be, artistically and scientifically. And when we say the best, we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Does Connected TV Work At Gemini?


This is where we figure out how Connected TV can help you.

Set Up

This is where we put together the plan.

Develop Creative

This is where we craft your message.

Development & Observation

This is where we put you out there.

Custom Reporting

This is where we tell you how well we’ve done.

Ongoing Optimization

This is where we just keep getting better.

Who Does It

Who Does Connected TV At Gemini?

Kerstin Meyer

Director of Paid Media

Email Kerstin Connect with Kerstin

Connor Hedlund

Senior Paid Media Account Manager

Email Connor Connect with Connor

Nick Miller

Senior Social Media Strategist

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Berit Hansen

Paid Media Account Manager II

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Megan Zentner

Paid Search Coordinator

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Kendrick Koh

Paid Media Account Manager

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