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Paid Search (PPC) Services

Paid Search marketing provides the opportunity to pay Google and other platforms for search result rankings and traffic. By “paying to play,” you appear in the top, “sponsored” section of search results related to the keywords you bid for, and therefore receive more clicks on the pages you paid to put there. Sounds simple enough, right? Not exactly.

Meeting and Surpassing Your Goals

Ensuring a return on investment for your Paid bids means taking hundreds of unique factors into account at all points in the process. You have to know what to bid on and why, what your audience is looking for, and how to show them they’ll get it from you. Successful Paid Search takes more than “paying to play.” It takes a team of specialists. Gemini has that team.

Every aspect of our paid campaigns are data-driven. We constantly implement new efficiencies and process automations to speed set-up and so we can spend as much of your time and money where it matters: analyzing results. This approach allows us to identify opportunities and pivot toward them faster, optimizing your campaigns to your goals in real time. The results are campaigns that produce useful data almost immediately, and meet – and surpass – your goals just as quickly.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Paid Search Works at Gemini



This is where we determine what you need.

Set Up


This is where we set the foundation of your account.

Campaign Buildout


This is where we build the sales engine we need to reach your goals.

Launch & Observation


This is where we figure out what’s working and what we need to adjust.

Reporting & Evaluation


This is where we continuously refine and perfect your campaign.

Ongoing Strategic Expansion


This is where we keep on pushing for greater success.

Who Does It

Who Does Paid Search at Gemini?

Kerstin Meyer

Director of Paid Media

Email Kerstin Connect with Kerstin

Connor Hedlund

Senior Paid Media Account Manager

Email Connor Connect with Connor

Nick Miller

Senior Social Media Strategist

Email Nick Connect with Nick

Berit Hansen

Paid Media Account Manager II

Email Berit Connect with Berit

Megan Zentner

Paid Search Coordinator

Email Megan

Kendrick Koh

Paid Media Account Manager

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