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“Earned” Media, as opposed to “Paid” Media, refers to web traffic derived organically, either from direct site visits, backlinks you didn’t pay for, or entrances from search results. Most earned web traffic comes from search results, and so Earned Media could be called the art of making sure your site appears in search results as frequently as possible.

Finding Your Audience

Typically, Earned Media teams accomplish their goals by finding high volume keywords related to your services and attempting to rank for them. Gemini’s Earned Media team does that, too; what makes our strategies advanced is how we do it. Our Earned Media team goes “beyond keywords” in two different ways:

  1. the keywords we try to rank for
  2. how we go about ranking for them.

By getting to know your business as an exceptional partner, Gemini goes beyond obvious keywords to find out how your audiences actually search for businesses like yours, and how we can best appeal to their needs and interests. The result is Earned Media that puts you in front of your audience more effectively than ever.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Does SEO Work at Gemini?


This is where our partnership starts.

Technical Audit

This is where we learn what you’ve done and how we can improve upon it.

In-depth Keyword Research

This is where we determine our new goals.

SEO & Keyword Strategy

This is where we tell you exactly how we’re going to achieve your goals.

Website Optimization

This is where we make your existing website the best version of itself.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This is where we make your web presence start working for you like never before.

Analysis & Reporting

This is where we show you how well we’re doing.

Ongoing Strategic Evaluation

This is where we keep an eye out for even greater opportunities.

Continuous Expansion

This is where we figure out how to do even more.

Who Does It

Who Does Earned Media at Gemini?

maeghen krueger

Maeghen Krueger

Director of Earned Media

Email Maeghen Connect with Maeghen

tammy smasal

Tammy Smasal

Product Manager

Email Tammy

sarah raymond

Sarah Raymond

Senior SEO Specialist I

Email Sarah Connect with Sarah

Emma Kowalkowski

SEO Specialist II

Email Emma Connect with Emma

Angela Rancone

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Email Angela

Kaylen Eder

SEO Specialist I

Email Kaylen


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