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Social Media Marketing Services

Did you know that most social media platforms like Facebook won’t actually display your posts to most of your audience unless you pay for sponsored positioning? If you want a social media campaign to reach anyone you’ll need to pay to play. That’s not all there is to it, either. Even after paying, you have to control target audience, time, placement, messaging, and dozens of other factors. Coordinating these factors effectively takes an expert. Specifically, it takes Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions.

Adapting as Fast as Your Audience

Gemini doesn’t do “standardized” social media marketing. We don’t automate campaigns or plug the same creative over and over. Instead, we customize each and every ad around your particular goals, budget, timeframe, and audience just as quickly as those things change. We get to know your needs – like any good partner should – and design the campaigns that will satisfy them, every time.

We never stop designing those campaign, either. Our experts let you know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and how we’re going to keep improving. We make sure your account is running as efficiently as possible and you own all your own data at all times. No matter the results, we never stop pushing the limits of targeting and messaging. Social media isn’t about “likes” any more. It’s about adapting to your audience and speaking to them effectively. That’s what Gemini does.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Does Social Media Marketing Work at Gemini?


This is where we learn about you.

Account Set-up

This is where we set everything up for your success.

Campaign Strategy

This is where we develop the plan.


This is where we start achieving your social media goals.

Develop Creative

This is where we create the right look.

Audience Testing

This is where we figure out how to target your audience better.


This is where we show you exactly how well we’re doing.

Ongoing Optimization

This is where we just keep getting better.

Who Does It

Who Does Social Media Marketing at Gemini?

Kerstin Meyer

Director of Paid Media

Email Kerstin Connect with Kerstin

Connor Hedlund

Senior Paid Media Account Manager

Email Connor Connect with Connor

Nick Miller

Senior Social Media Strategist

Email Nick Connect with Nick

Berit Hansen

Paid Media Account Manager II

Email Berit Connect with Berit

Megan Zentner

Paid Search Coordinator

Email Megan

Kendrick Koh

Paid Media Account Manager

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