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Gemini’s Web Design department combines the roles of web development and design into one. The same team that determines how to build your website are the artists who design what it should look like. When we build your website, the structure, appearance, and content all work together toward your message.

The Website You’ve Always Pictured

Understanding exactly what that message is is what makes Gemini’s Web Design truly Advanced. Our team gets to know your business as well as possible to build you a site that doesn’t just look good, but also does the work you’ve always envisioned it doing. Building the right site for you is what an exceptional web development partnership accomplishes.

Gemini’s commitment to that partnership informs every aspect of our web design. Gemini uses modular development to build our sites, which allows us to build custom page types to suit your needs. We can even modulate the content within individual pages to suit specific goals. The result is a website that’s capable of growing with you, no matter how successful you become.

Meet our Team

How It Works

Our Process

We get to know your audience, your products, your brand, your goals, and what sets you apart. We use this knowledge to build the best website for what you need it to do based on data and the understanding only partnership can achieve. Gemini won’t just build you a great website. We’ll build you the right website.


This is where we get to know you.

UX Discovery

This is where discover what your dream site should do.

Project Roadmapping

This is where we plan your dream site.

Wireframing & UI Design

This is where we lay out your dream site.

Page & Structure Design

This is where we determine what your dream site looks like.


This is where we build your dream site.

Technical QA

This is where we ensure the quality of your dream site.


This is where we make your dream site a reality.


This is where we make your dream site even better.

Who Does It

Who Does Web Design at Gemini?

Caleb Szydlo

Web Dev Team Lead

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Paul Molnar

Junior Web Developer

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Rebecca Power

Web Developer

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Liz Johnson

Junior Web Designer / Developer

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