Aerospace Fabrication's New Site Makes Performance Sky-Rocket

Learn more about how Gemini launched a website that set Aerospace apart from their competition and demonstrated to users why they're trailblazers in their industry.

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Aerospace Fabrication creates custom insulation products for space travel and cryogenic storage.  Despite working in an industry that serves outer space, they were feeling cramped by increasing market competition in their field.  

Aerospace needed a new website that would set them apart from the competition and convert customers.



Aerospace wanted to rank higher in search results and increase page visits. Gemini began to look at ways to improve their organic traffic to meet their goal of doubling quality leads. We also needed to make sure once a visitor landed on Aerospace’s site, they found exactly what they were looking for.

To achieve this, Gemini would need to combine SEO and user experience with creating a futuristic looking new website that turned heads. This was for people who were going into space after all.


Aerospace already had their own brand guidelines with logos and colors. Our web designers created mood boards based on these elements and worked with the client to develop a look that looked futuristic but inviting.

The web team then began analyzing the existing site and making notes for improvements. From there they could create a wire frame that organized information in a much more streamlined manner.

Rectangle view of a gray and white box grid.

Launching INTO A NEW ERA

Once the new website was built, Gemini worked closely with the client to launch it into cyberspace. We hosted training sessions on how to use all the new features and how to measure results using the back page analytics. 

Incorporating a Shopify store was the biggest change from the original Aerospace site. With Shopify integrated, Aerospace’s customers could view, compare and buy products directly from the webpage.

After experiencing poor maintenance and site crashes with their previous website, Aerospace opted to have Gemini host their new site on our server. Web hosting means our team can monitor the site 24/7 to make sure any problems that arise are quickly addressed. Hosting includes nightly backups and security screenings as well as staging environments to support future updates. 

before and after view of the aerospace website.


Aerospace is ready to lead the thermal insulation industry. Their new site is designed to elevate both user experience and search engine rankings. 

Partnering means we continue to set and exceed new goals for our clients.  We provide the mission control for your launch and full support on subsequent journeys. Whether it’s analyzing Google dashboards, updating blog content or optimizing SEO, Gemini is always working to improve your digital presence in cyberspace.