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Exceptional Partnerships, Outstanding Outcomes

Thriving Together

When Gruen was remade as Gemini in early 2020, none of us had any idea what was around the corner. Launching a new company during a pandemic wasn’t exactly “easy,” but we figured if we could get through it, we could get through anything. Now, we’re proud to say we’ve done more than get through it: We’ve thrived. And, naturally, we did it through partnership.

If there’s one bright side to the challenges of 2020, it’s that the year proved a perfect trial-by-fire of the theory Gemini was founded on: that ultimate success only happens when we succeed together. Gemini thrived in the midst of the pandemic precisely because we stuck to our core values: trust, integrity, excellence, and, above all, commitment to our partners. 2020 proved Gemini’s theory about the power of partnership correct. If you work with us, we’ll prove it to you, too. Together, we’ll do more than succeed. We’ll thrive.

Who is Gemini?

Until 2020, Gemini was Gruen Digital Marketing Agency. As Gruen, we have three decades of proven marketing success. No one understands what makes that success possible better than Gemini’s owner Stephanie Tollefson, who also served as Gruen President for over 12 years. Stephanie identified that we owe our success to a unique pairing of two, twin qualities: One, our drive to continuously evolve in order to stay at the forefront of digital marketing and Two: our constant, unwavering commitment to trusting partnerships. In other words, the right things change and the right things stay the same. Gemini is the latest and greatest example.

It's in the Name

In fact, Gemini is all about unique pairings: most importantly, the pairing between us and you. Gemini isn’t just our client’s marketing agency; we’re your full-fledged partner. We commit to growing with you in every sense: getting to know you, designing unique marketing solutions for you, and making your success our success. With Gemini, you get marketing that evolves with the times and your business. Our solutions change to improve constantly; our commitment to you never changes at all. Success – in business OR in life – is never achieved alone. It’s built through partnerships. Let’s build success together.

Images from the Office

Take the Virtual Walkthrough

The office was carefully designed and decorated by Gemini’s leadership team to provide a welcoming space for both employees and customers. Until you can visit in person, check out our office from afar.

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Gemini Today

The story isn’t over: it continues right on to Gemini today. The most exciting part of Gemini is the opportunity it represents for our leadership, our team, and our partnerships to never stop growing, learning, and getting even better.

Get to know the people of Gemini

Meet the Team

What Gemini Believes In

When we sat down to define Gemini, we realized at a certain point we weren’t just describing the “whats,” or, our particular, partner-based approach to digital marketing. We were also describing the whys: why we believe in what we do and the beliefs that led to our approach in the first place. In fact, we discovered that in the truest sense, those whys ARE the whats. We distilled these “whys” into six core values. This is why Gemini works, and why we work so well:


Our commitment to respect, honesty and accountability nurtures authentic, long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally. We choose to prove ourselves worthy of the trust others place in us, each and every day.


We act in ways that align with our vision and values. We choose to do what’s right rather than what is easy. We own our mistakes. We act truthfully and honorably, even when no one is watching. We walk our talk.


The high caliber of our work is a direct reflection of our impeccable ethics and commitment to continuous learning. Combining deep subject knowledge, industry savvy and exceptional skill, Gemini talent builds on industry best practice with creativity and collaboration.


We recognize that each day we all have the power to make this business a stronger and more successful company. We hold ourselves accountable to our values and promises, and we whole-heartedly support the contributions of our team members, partners and clients as we collectively build our future.


We push ourselves to embrace new challenges and we’re proactive and focused as we anticipate the emerging needs of our customers. Through a commitment to ingenuity, technology and exceptional client experiences, Gemini’s services represent cutting-edge solutions and set new high standards for quality, creativity, performance and results.


With equal parts humility and ambition, we collaborate enthusiastically and cross-pollinate frequently, in order to solve the most pressing challenges facing our company, industry, and clients. We know that it’s only through teamwork that we can achieve greatness.