Exceptional Partnerships, Outstanding Outcomes

Exceptional Partnerships, Outstanding Outcomes

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Gemini is a woman-owned marketing agency with a rich history, a flourishing present, and a bright future.

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Our purpose

“A Gemini partnership will drive your business forward all while changing your perspective on marketing. We’re in this line of work because we understand the value of nourishing strong connections. We’re committed to helping businesses in all industries succeed because when a business thrives, employees thrive, when employees thrive, the community flourishes. We believe that by fostering authentic connections and encouraging togetherness, success will surround us.”

Stephanie Tollefson, Owner & CEO

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At Gemini


We believe that a fulfilling personal life is integral in a successful work life. That’s why, whether it’s hiking and spending time with loved ones, or paid search and SEO, the Gemini team puts our all into everything we do. And because our work and personal lives enrich the other, when you partner with Gemini, you partner with a dedicated team whose members are passionate to the core.

The Differences That Matter

Service & Responsiveness
We take pride in spoiling our customers. Our response times are quick, requests are expedited, and we believe that anything is possible when the strategy is just right. Do you have high expectations? Good. Because we shoot for the stars.

Tools & Platforms
We use technologies that offer transparency, accuracy, and peace of mind. We steer clear of proprietary tools that promise the world but end up just tethering the customer to the agency. Of course, we want our clients to stay with us—but we want them to stick around because we’re awesome, not because they have to.

A Partner Who Cares
It might sound cliche, but we truly believe a great partner makes all the difference. From making your job easier to taking stress off your shoulders to growing your business, having the right people in your corner is crucial when it comes to finding success. If you’re looking for a committed agency and a trusted partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Our approach to digital marketing is refreshingly simple yet steeped in innovation. What sets us apart isn’t what we do, it’s how we do it— and it’s time you stop expecting anything less than the difference Gemini delivers.

Innovation & Elevation
We all know that digital marketing is always changing. But knowing when and how to shift strategies is where our expertise comes into play. At Gemini, we are innovation watchdogs, which allows us to stay ahead of trends. And don’t worry, we only recommend change when we’re confident it’ll provide you with exceptional results.

Our TeamExpertise

Our Core Values



Trust is the lifeblood of this agency; without it, we wouldn’t have the talented team or powerful partnerships that make us who we are today.



We follow through with our promises and never leave our clients in the dark when it comes to their personalized marketing solutions.



The caliber of our work is a direct reflection of our passion. The types of services we offer may not be one-of-a-kind, but the execution and results sure are.



Our relationships are our number one priority. From creating personalized plans to providing a supportive work environment, we are committed to our people.



With the constant flux of digital marketing, it’s crucial that we’re always looking ahead. We never stop evolving in order to grow our services for our clients.



Teamwork is the backbone to great results. We are committed to helping our clients succeed because marketing trends come and go, but partnerships last.

landline telephone placed on top of a phonebook


The Beginning

Gemini is born (as Gruen Agency) founded by Bruce Gruen. Our core service is Yellow Pages advertising the original local search tool.

row of computers


Online Yellow Pages

The digital age lurks around the corner so we introduce online Yellow Pages to our portfolio.

social media marketing graphic


Website Launch

We become one of the very first in our space to build a website to promote our services. Many of our competitors refuse to believe that the internet will change their business model. Boy were they wrong!

a smartphone displaying a google icon and headphones placed on a keyboard


Search Engine Advertising

We take a massive leap forward into digital marketing by offering our customers paid ads on Google.

person searching on a laptop



We expand our services by adding SEO to help our clients’ organic ranking.

group of people looking at their smartphones


Mobile Marketing

As smartphones grow in popularity, we add mobile marketing to our repertoire.


Web Development & Design

We begin offering formal website builds to improve our customers’ online presence, which allows our marketing services to result in exceptional ROIs.

person working on a laptop


Digital Service Solutions

We solve complex marketing solutions by having our services work seamlessly together, leading to a major jump in our customers’ results.

cup of coffee, tablet, and laptop on a wooden desk


Display & Remarketing

We invest in employees who have specific skills and talents in order to offer more specific capabilities.

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Social Media Marketing

We widen our audience reach by implementing social marketing programs.

person pointing a tv remote at a large screen



We extend our digital marketing solutions to streaming services.

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A Change in Hands

Gruen Agency is sold to president, Stephanie Tollefson, and becomes one of the few woman-owned and led agencies in the industry!

Gemini: Advanced Marketing solutions


Gemini Rising

Gruen Agency becomes Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions, symbolizing our commitment to partnership and our dedication to innovation and client success.

The best partners are the ones that dare to dream.

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No matter how lofty or intricate your goals may be, we want to be the ones to help you achieve them. We do this by putting an emphasis on the relationships we have with our clients because we believe that exceptional partnerships bring outstanding outcomes.

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