Thinking Outside the Likes

Social Media Marketing Services

At Gemini, social media advertising is about more than “likes.” We know what it takes to make your paid social campaigns shine in order to drive leads.


A thriving social campaign is about more than just posting on Facebook or Instagram with a couple hashtags here and there. If you want your social strategy to reach your target audience, display the right message, drive leads, and more, you need the experts at Gemini on your side. We’re confident we can create a successful, personalized plan for your company’s LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and beyond.

Adaptable Strategies for an Always-Changing Medium

When we create our social advertising campaigns, we never set it and forget it. We don’t automate the campaigns or use the same creative over and over again. At Gemini, we pride ourselves in customizing each and every ad in order to help you achieve your goals.

We understand that social media is always shifting—it’s a quick and unique media! That’s why we get to know your needs in order to design campaigns that satisfy you and the always-changing requirements of social media.

Paid Social

Our Process

#1 Discovery

We start by getting to know you, your brand, and any paid social goals you have for your business.

#2 Account Set-Up

The best way to begin a social media campaign or strategy is to make sure all of the best accounts are set up and ready to go to ensure success, awareness, and engagement.

#3 Campaign Strategy

This is when we develop your paid social plan by combining your business goals and our learnings from the initial discovery phase.

#4 Develop Creative

We’ll create the right “look” for your paid social ads based on your brand, goals, and campaign. Whether you want to drive leads, increase brand awareness, or enhance impressions, we’ll make sure your ad creative fits the bill.

#5 Audience Testing + Reporting

Once your paid social strategy is up and running, we keep a close eye on it to make sure your target audience likes what they see.
When you partner with us, you’re never left in the dark. We’ll provide you with in-depth and transparent reporting so you know exactly how your social strategy is going.

#6 Ongoing Optimization

Based on our reporting and results, we’ll optimize your paid social strategy. This may include making a few necessary adjustments (like the allocation of your budget, frequency of your paid ads, or target audience) or we may not need to make any changes at all!

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Looking to take your social strategy to the next level?

If you’re ready to upgrade your company’s paid social media strategy, get in touch with the experts at Gemini! We can’t wait to show you the intricacies and possibilities of a solid social plan.

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