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When you have a content strategy that perfectly combines creativity and data, you end up with outstanding results. We can make that happen.


When you work with Gemini, our team creates, publishes, and distributes content for your specific target audience. From blogs to web pages to meta descriptions, the content we create holds purpose and power in order to drive leads.

Quality Content is Queen, It's All About Connection


Our Process

#1 Discovery

We start by getting to know you, your brand, and your organic content goals.

#2 Content Audit

During this step, we scour your site. This’ll allow us to see what’s working and what’s not, which gives us a better idea of where to begin.

#3 Persona Development

Before we dive into the strategy, we need to make sure we know who we’re talking to. This stage is all about developing and locking down your target audience.

#4 User Journey and Development

Once we know who we’re talking to, we figure out how we want to talk to them. We do this by strategizing the best way to utilize and talk to your brand’s personas.

#5 Keyword Identification

This is where the dream team comes into play. The SEO and content teams work closely together to find the hardest working keywords that’ll make your site most visible on search engines.

#6 Content Strategy & Editorial Calendar Creation

With the persona development and keyword research under our belts, we can start creating your personalized content strategy & calendar.

#7 Content Development

Once you’ve approved your content calendar, we’ll get started writing and creating content for your site.

#8 Measurement and Reporting

We’ll never leave you in the dark. Our goal is to be transparent during every point of your content strategy. Which is why we provide reporting along the way.

#9 Continuous Refinement

We never just write it and forget it. As we report and measure your personalized content strategy, we’ll refine our plans, optimize content, and continue to make your website better and better.

Our content team writes by getting to know your business and target audience.

Every word, every sentence, every piece of content fits perfectly into your personalized strategy.

The writers and strategists and Gemini are connected to every aspect of your brand and business. Which is why we don’t just write a blog and leave it—we are constantly testing, strategizing, and reporting to make sure the plan we put in place for you is working the way it should

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