The Gemini Partnership Process

We Shine Brighter Together

When you partner with Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions, you’re the star. Together, we…

Determine your Goals

Define your Challenges

Design your Solutions

Achieve your Success

Get Started With Gemini

Who is Gemini?

Gemini is a performance-based digital marketing agency founded on the understanding that true success in work AND life is never achieved alone. Our Advanced Solutions move beyond marketing trends to deliver the true success only a great partnership can achieve. After all, marketing trends come and go. Great partnerships last. Working with Gemini means starting a great partnership.

Behind the Name

What Are "Advanced Marketing Solutions"?

To Us

If there’s one knock against digital agencies, it’s that they all do the same thing. In fact, sometimes they do the same thing over and over, even if it doesn’t really work. That bothers us. After all, your company isn’t like any other. Why should your digital marketing be? In a digital landscape where everyone’s following the same basic playbook, the advanced solutions are the ones that are different. Advanced solutions are made for you.

Better marketing listens to you.

Gemini isn’t just your agency; we’re your full-fledged partner. Partners get to know each other. When you work with Gemini, we learn your business: We figure out what makes you special, how we can best express and utilize those qualities, and how you define ultimate success. Then, we put together the unique solutions that achieve that success. To us, the point of Advanced Solutions is that they’re never the same strategies twice. The only playbook is the one we write together.

To You

When you work with Gemini, you get digital marketing solutions that accomplish what you want them to – not what we tell you they should do. You understand your company better than anyone. You know what makes you unique and how you want to succeed. We bring the tools and expertise to help make that success happen by making sure your online customers understand what makes you unique the way we do.

Better marketing understands you.

The best part? We’re only going to get better at getting those results as we get to know you. Gemini never stops experimenting and adapting until we find the custom combination of tactics to suit your unique business and goals. Then we keep on pushing. To you, an Advanced Solution is customized marketing that keeps getting better just like you do. In other words, Advanced Marketing Solutions mean partnership. We make your success our success.

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Problems First

How Does Gemini Help You?

The difference between Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions and everyone else is we’re not a “Services First” agency. We can do anything and everything a digital marketing agency can do, but we’re not interested in selling you one service or another. In our experience, that leads to siloed thinking and textbook outcomes. We don’t want textbook. We want outstanding.

We achieve outstanding by leveraging our exceptional partnerships via a “Problems First” approach. We use everything we learn about you to ask two basic questions:

  • What do you need?
  • How can our Solutions make it happen?

With Gemini, marketing doesn’t start with what we do. It starts with what you need.

The Tools of Your Success

Gemini's Services

Gemini’s services are the tools we use to achieve our solutions. When you partner with us, you always get a full team of multi-disciplinary experts working together to design the best custom solutions for you using these tools in unique and exciting new ways.

Expect your Gemini team to achieve your goals by putting together using any of these tools:

laptop working

Web Design & Development Services

How it:

Our in-house web development team builds strategically-optimized websites from scratch, redesigns and updates existing web pages or layouts, and conducts full IT, QA, troubleshooting, and site maintenance services. We are your designers, developers, and webmasters, all at once.

Developing or updating your website allows us to build it for strategic and SEO-optimization from the ground up. Gemini sites target your audience more accurately, rank better for relevant search queries, guide readers more effectively, and look better doing it.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

How it:

Our SEO team conducts extensive research to identify the search terms your particular audience uses to look for services like yours, and then makes sure each of your site’s pages rank as well as possible for their respective relevant search terms.

With SEO, your website’s pages appear higher in search results, get noticed by more of your audience, drive significantly more traffic to your website, and helps ensure that your traffic is more relevant to your business.

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Connected TV (CTV) Advertising Services

How it:

Connected TV is a new, more effective digital platform for video advertising than traditional television advertising. Using Connected TV, we can accurately find online media that’s highly viewed by your target audience and promote short, unskippable ads before and during their viewing.

Connected TV directly promotes your video advertising content directly to your most relevant customers before they even go looking for it, providing a unique and valuable new potential source of qualified and significantly increasing brand awareness.

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Paid Search (PPC) Services

How it:

Our Paid Search team identifies your target audience and service area, determines which aspects of your service will perform best when promoted to this audience, design highly-targeted landing pages to appeal to this audience, and then promotes these pages to the top of specific, highly-relevant search results.

Your services appear at the top of relevant search results and appeal directly to the relevant audience, generating a valuable and streamlined source of direct conversions and driving significant relevant traffic to your business.

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Consulting (Digital-Marketing-Business) Services

How it:

Gemini gets to know your business as a full-fledged partner, developing an intimate understanding of the best way to promote your brand and services to the audience you want to resonate with. We use that understanding to suggest customized strategies meant to achieve your specific goals, incorporating all avenues of digital marketing.

Gemini’s strategies achieve success on your terms because they align with your company’s specific needs and goals. Gemini figures out what you need to get what you want, and then develops an expert plan to make it happen.

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Social Media Marketing Services

How it:

Gemini’s social media experts leverage every social media platform’s advanced ad targeting capabilities to find your target audience and promote content to their feeds designed to attract and engage with them on their terms.

Social media offers a means of promoting highly relevant content directly to the places where your target audiences are most likely to see it, making it a highly effective potential source of qualified leads and a primary means of implementing your strategy.

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content marketing preview

Content Marketing Services

How it:

Gemini’s content experts develop regular, highly-targeted content meant to rank for relevant, high volume queries related to your service expertise, including blogs, white papers, videos, infographics, service pages, FAQs, and more.

Content marketing continually refines your existing content to help you rank higher for relevant searches while also finding innovative new ways for your site to rank for more relevant searches, raising brand awareness and bringing in a constant source of qualified traffic and potential leads.

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Case Studies

Gemini Success Stories

We get it: all of this sounds great, but the proof is in the pudding. Well, that’s where our experience comes in. Gemini has been building exceptional partnerships to achieve outstanding results for years. These are just a few examples of the partnerships we’re particularly proud of. We can’t wait to add you to this list!

EarlyBird Electric

Content Marketing | Paid Search | SEO | Web Design & Development

How We Helped:

We helped a new company, EarlyBird Electric establish authority in a competitive market and capture visibility around top electrician terms.

816%Increase in organic traffic YoY
32kNew visitors YoY
228%Increase in conversions

ProMedica Senior Care – formerly HCR ManorCare

Paid Search | Social Media

How We Helped:

With 350 locations and unique budgets, we streamlined manual efforts allowing us to optimize at scale in driving leads.

100%Increase in lead volume YoY
3Annual goal reached 3 months early