How Tactical SEO Increased Organic Leads by 85% for Firefly

“We’d been trying to improve our website SEO rankings on our own, without success. Gemini’s team got us astonishingly better results in a few months than we had gotten in preceding years.”
- Fritz Griffioen, Firefly Partner

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Our insurance aggregator client had a dilemma. They had two websites with duplicate content that made it difficult for either to rank in organic search. How did SEO not only solve this conundrum but increase the number of keywords each site ranked for? Join our fire-flied chat.

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Firefly came to us with older and newer versions of the same website. Their long-term goal was to make the older version of the site customer-facing and have the newer site focus solely on insurance agent recruitment. Since this change hadn’t happened yet, we were faced with two identical and competing websites with minimal to no organic visibility. We began our partnership by looking at how to differentiate each site so that they wouldn’t cannibalize each other.



To move forward, we needed to take some risky steps backward. This meant a two phase approach to updating Firefly’s websites at their core:


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Our first concern was to remove the duplicate content so that Google would view each site as unique. To achieve this, we combed through each url on the websites to inventory each page and determine where it belonged. In some cases, we would delete a page from one website and redirect it to the other.


After the deduplication, our main purpose was to focus on the newer of the client’s sites. Unfortunately, the URL structure and the configuration of the main navigation did not follow SEO best practices due to lack of nested URL structure. At risk of setting rankings back to zero, our SEO team restructured the main navigation by making changes to the child/parent relationship of each page. We also determined that it was worth the risk to make changes to the permalinks. This would indicate page hierarchy to search engines and properly show the relationship between pages.

These changes would ultimately allow Google to better crawl, index and serve our client’s website content in search results. They fixed the underlying issue of “organic invisibility” our client was facing.


Our gamble paid off. We improved organic visibility and increased client trust.

Increased Trust

When Firefly first came to us, they were skeptical that SEO could achieve the results they were looking for. Throughout their program we listened to their concerns, kept them looped into our process and showed them small wins along the way. A few months of tactical SEO work and a clear line of communication convinced them that our team would deliver.

Landing Page Traffic

After just 6 months of strategic SEO work we increased their organic landing page traffic by 2,026% year-over-year. Additionally, we also drove an 85% increase in total organic search leads which helped Firefly improve their business’ overall bottom line.

More Ranking Keywords

Ultimately, the increases in traffic and leads can be attributed to steady keyword growth, specifically among the top 10 positions. Our client went from 54 total keywords at the start of their program to 755 six months later. Our SEO strategy drove a 1,298% increase in total rankings.

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Every business runs into unique challenges while trying to establish their digital authority. For Firefly, duplicate content across two websites made it difficult for Google to crawl and rank them. By implementing a clear and dedicated SEO strategy, we were able to deliver a win with a website that met the client’s needs and attracted more leads. Contact Gemini today to learn how we can help solve your marketing challenge!