How a Google Discovery Campaign Increased Leads for a Class Action Law Firm

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Gemini’s class action law firm client had seen success from their paid search Facebook campaigns. However, in order to grow and not just sustain leads, they knew they needed to expand their efforts. Gemini was ready to increase the law firm’s programs and tackle the challenge head on.

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The law firm wanted to start using new channels in order to find potential plaintiffs for their class action lawsuits. Even though they had seen success with their Facebook campaigns, there had been a decline in efficiency and it was time to find a supplementary channel to drive additional leads. So, in September 2020, Gemini launched this law firm’s first Discovery campaign aimed at obtaining plaintiffs.


To kick off the new Discovery campaign, the Gemini team used a mixture of custom keyword, in-market, and affinity audiences to target people who were most likely to convert for the specific lawsuit at hand. Additionally, we effectively promoted stock images that caught the users’ attention, which eventually led them to convert.


During the three month test of this campaign, the law firm received form submissions for 313 potential plaintiffs at a $36 cost per action (CPA). To compare, a similar type of campaign during the same time period for Facebook saw 107 leads at a $43 CPA, making the Discovery program the perfect addition to the law firm’s repertoire. Plus, they were able to reach over 640k people, which is nearly 3.5 times the amount of people they were able to reach with a similar campaign on Facebook.


Reaching the Right People

The initial campaign test allowed us to find a new channel with the ability to reach a new target audience, therefore getting our client plaintiffs. Since launching the Discovery campaign in 2020, the law firm has continued to employ Google Discovery for various campaigns—now they know, because of Gemini, they have the tools they need to get leads at an extremely effective cost.