How Content Strategy Increased Rankings for a Nationwide Pest Control Company

Our client provides safe and efficient pest control services across the US for both residential and commercial customers. Despite their vast service area, they have a local presence that is responsive and attentive to the needs of each region.

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Pest control is a highly competitive industry, which can make it challenging to differentiate one business from the next. Relying on word-of-mouth does not provide a consistent path to growth when new customer acquisition is a priority. That’s why our pest control client was looking for a way to stand out from their competition. Our solution: content strategy.

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The goal of our program was to improve the performance and authority of our client’s website. We wanted to position them as a trusted resource and brand among homeowners and businesses. To do so, we set out to answer potential customers’ frequently asked questions about pests and how to eliminate them, while also indicating that they’re in the market for pest control services.

We used tools (Google Analytics and SEMRush, for example), competitor research, seasonality trends, and historical data to figure out which pests to make a priority in our content strategy. Our focus was getting the content to rank in organic search results for priority keywords, which would position our client as the expert and go-to pest resource. To do this, we:

  • Optimized exiting blogs with content best practices and an updated keyword strategy
  • Wrote new blogs to fill content gaps

To measure success, we tracked leads that originated from the blog pages as well as organic visibility that was achieved for our priority search terms.


Optimized Blog Results:

The following results are from optimized blog content that was published on September 15, 2021. As you can see from the graph, there was a substantial increase in traffic in 2021 compared to 2020:

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One month after the optimized content was published, page sessions grew from 5,141 to 31,317 and the page drove 92 leads (a 475% increase from the previous month).

Keyword Trend

In addition to an increase in traffic and leads, keyword rankings improved as well:

  • +2 in top 3 positions
  • +4 in top 10
  • +125 new total keywords
Search Engine Results Page Features for the Optimized Blog

We were also focusing on gaining rich results, like featured snippets, for example. Rich results are designed to highlight key information and help search engines understand a page’s purpose as accurately as possible. This means less guesswork for Google and more relevant results for users. Rich results are made up of rich snippets and new rich cards—offering more image space and a carousel feature.

The optimized blog achieved the following rich results:

  • 33 Featured Snippets
  • 94 Site Links
  • 128 People Also Ask
  • 29 Image Packs

New Blog Results

This new blog was published on May 27, 2021. It is currently ranking for over 250 keywords, 16 of which are on the first page.

keyword trend for case stu

Performance of the new blog continues to improve month after month. This is common when it comes to well-strategized content. As Google crawls the page and keywords begin to pick up traction, the piece of content will continue to move up in search results. Improved visibility in search results will increase traffic overtime.

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Quality Content Strategy Equals Success

Blogs are vessels to digital success—without them, our client would have lacked a powerful tool in improving digital presence, increasing traffic, boosting brand awareness, and driving quality leads. Gemini’s team of expert content strategists not only increased traffic to our client’s website but drove 92 leads in one month!