How Organic Search Drove Leads for a Fractional Employment Company

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Flex-Able Solutions, a fractional employment company, came to Gemini to improve their website’s user experience and generate more organic search traffic. They had the bones of a good website—however, they needed an elevated content and SEO strategy to turn their site into a lead-driving machine.


Flex-Able Solutions provides fractional accounting and HR services to small- to medium-sized businesses. Because of the niche field, the need to clearly identify keywords and types of user-preferred content was more important than ever.  Doing so required a solid understanding of the world our client served.

Solutions: Relatable Content Backed by Data


A website audit and a competitor gap analysis provided the data needed to inform our SEO and content strategies in the following months. In the audit, we analyzed the website’s organic traffic, keyword rankings, top pages and overall health. In the gap analysis, we discovered terms and topics that the competition was ranking for ahead of Flex-Able Solutions.

The results confirmed that Flex-Able Solutions’ traffic and keyword rankings were stagnant but also identified areas of opportunity. Using this information we created a content calendar that prioritized the blogs and web pages our client needed to hone a competitive edge.


The first content initiative was to create and write new service pages. Flex-Able Solutions had a single existing page which summarized the three primary services they provided: Accounting & Finance, Human Resources and Technology Advisory. We needed to highlight each of these services with its own page, new content and keyword strategy. Our goal with this strategy was to drive relevant traffic to the individual pages and increase long-tail keyword rankings. To make the new pages user-friendly and boost conversion rates, we included contact forms on each.

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Once the service pages were live, the content team turned its attention to case studies and blogs. The existing content was sparse and it was time to start building a library that demonstrated industry authority and gave search engines more to crawl.

The team created three new case studies that highlighted Flex-Able Solutions’ problem-solving abilities. Then, we wrote and published new blogs that addressed topics we uncovered in the gap analysis, including End of Year Budgeting, Navigating Workplace Conflicts, How to Prepare for a Business Audit, and Strengthening Workplace Relations.

In addition to new content initiatives, the content team optimized existing pages and blog posts to ensure they contained well-organized, interesting and relevant content. We also incorporated blogs into Flex-Able Solutions’ email strategy as a way to promote the new and updated content.


After the audit and analysis were performed, the SEO team’s primary function was to support our content initiatives with keyword research. This collaboration ensured that we identified and implemented the best keywords for each page and topic.

The SEO practitioner also addressed site health issues by updating metadata, adding schema. Additionally, the team conducted an A/B/C test on the main call-to-action throughout the site to test new verbiage. By testing “Book A Free Consultation” rather than “Schedule A Consultation” and by adding an enhanced “button” look, we gathered data on which option was likely to boost conversion rates.

Results: A Site that Funneled More Traffic

Our efforts improved the Flex-Able Solutions website with useful content that increased traffic and generated new leads.

“The ‘Navigating Workplace Conflicts blog was a hit! We have a prospect because the blog resonated with them and what’s happening at their business.” Shelby Meyers–Sales & Marketing Support Manager, Flex-Able Solutions

Here are some key accomplishments:

Increased Website Content

3 new service pages
3 case studies
6 new and optimized blogs
Optimized existing website pages

Increased Keyword Rankings

Doubled the number of ranking keywords:
Increased top 10 rankings from 3 to 8 keywords.
Increased top 50 rankings from 30 to 46 keywords.

Enhanced Website Results

50% more sessions on service pages from August – December 2023 compared YoY
48 marketing actions (form submissions and phone calls) throughout 2023.


Attracting users to a website requires the right content strategy. Over an 18 month period, we were able to help Flex-Able Solutions improve their website with improved content that their target audience was looking for.

No matter what industry you’re in, professionally executed digital marketing strategies will drive more customers to your door. For our fractional employment client, tailored SEO and content services paved the way for improved growth. Contact the Gemini team for custom digital marketing solutions that unleash your business’s potential.