How Our Pest Control Client Added 3,000 Keywords in Six Months

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SEO Strategy at Work

It only took a few blog and page optimizations for our pest control client to begin to see the value of quality content. Even with a modest content program, we were able to use a few hours each month to create a foundation for success.

Content and SEO can produce significant results when they work in sync. By identifying the areas where we could make the most impact, we created a plan for long-term results. After sprucing up several high performing blogs we began to revamp our client’s individual pest pages. As we chipped away monthly, we began to see positive results. Here’s how we saw big gains on a limited budget.


How could we use minimal hours to make maximum impact?Knowing that we wanted to give our client a big ROI – even with a small program – our content and SEO practitioners began to analyze our pest control client’s website.  One of the first questions was: Do we create new content or repurpose existing pages?By starting with a comprehensive overview of the current website, we could identify gaps in content along with the areas we could best leverage for success. Since our client already had a long-standing SEO program, we were able to identify the gaps in their online organic presence. We concluded that they needed optimized content in order to keep up with their competitors.

Our Strategy

As part of our initial overview, the SEO team conducted a competitive analysis to determine where our client’s competition excelled and where we could get the biggest bang for our buck.

To dip our toes, we ran a trial period by dedicating a few hours from our SEO program to content. Within a few months of our first page optimizations, it was clear that the content was working. Our client saw some stellar results and based on our early success, they allocated new hours to expand their account to include a content program.

With the increased resources, our team diligently dove into a hornet’s nest of pest identification pages. These pages, each dedicated to a specific pest, were a goldmine of information – and pest related keywords. Armed with keywords from our competitive analysis, we were able to expand the existing pages and optimize each for better search potential.

The Results

Each page we worked on showed steady keyword gains.

Not only did our client see an increase in the number of keywords they were ranking for, but they also saw an increase in the positions of those keywords.

The client saw a dramatic increase in the number of ranked keywords from January (2,962) to August (7,832). That’s a 164.4% increase in 6 months! The continuous addition of optimized content has benefited our client immensely and they continue to see exponential growth in their total keyword rankings.

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A little content can make a big impact on your overall organic search performance. When SEO and Content work together, you double the effect on your keyword performance. The net result: your business gets noticed.

Wondering what a combined content/SEO one-two-punch can do for your visibility? Get in touch with Gemini today. We love strategizing with new clients and delivering measurable results.