5 Steps that Elevated Local B2B Rankings for Our IT Client, Thriveon

“I appreciate how Gemini takes the time to explain and inform me of areas I need to know about. The team is open and willing to test and try out different things to help further our goals. Our marketing efforts have seen great success since partnering with Gemini!”
-Ashley Chambliss, Marketing Manager, Thriveon

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Thriveon is a B2B technology consulting firm based in Minnesota that provides businesses with IT support, cybersecurity, and technology solutions. Despite having a strong website and content program, Thriveon approached Gemini in October 2021 with the goal of increasing qualified traffic and leads from their website in order to grow their monthly recurring revenue.

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Creating Better Digital Visibility

Thriveon was facing three common challenges with their marketing efforts, including:

  1. Limited Digital Presence. Thriveon’s minimal digital presence in organic search results and social media was limiting their ability to attract customers from online channels.
  2. Low Quality Traffic. Thriveon was getting traffic that wasn’t relevant to their business. Their low brand awareness among potential customers  was limiting their ability to attract new clients.
  3. Lead Volume. Thriveon’s goal for their in-house marketing programs was to drive at least two sales opportunities per month that would result in new customers. They were not hitting this target on a regular basis and they were struggling with low lead volume and a lack of engagement from potential clients.


Gemini Marketing Agency proposed a comprehensive B2B marketing plan for Thriveon that focused on five key areas:

  1. Local Search Optimization. Gemini optimized the Thriveon website for local search by creating individual location pages for each of their service areas. The team conducted keyword research and optimized each page using location-based keywords that would rank for local searches.
  2. Paid Search. Gemini ran paid search campaigns in all Thriveon service areas to capture both non-brand and branded demand and to drive inbound client opportunities.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization. Gemini conducted A/B tests for the CTAs (calls-to-action) on the Thriveon website to determine which phrases improved conversion rates.
  4. Content Marketing. Gemini developed a two prong content marketing strategy that included optimizing existing content for better performance and drafting new blog content related to Thriveon’s top services. The blog topics and website pages focused on growth opportunity keywords that would establish Thriveon as an authority in the B2B IT industry.
  5. Service Page Optimization. Gemini optimized Thriveon’s service pages by targeting keywords with the most volume and aligning them with the way their audience uses search. The service pages highlighted Thriveon’s expertise and provided a clear call to action for potential customers.


Gemini’s digital marketing plan helped Thriveon realize and achieve their goals through the following results:

Increased Leads

Increased Leads. While their original goal was 2 leads per month, Gemini surpassed that significantly by averaging 30 leads per month in 2022. As Thriveon’s marketing manager stated “Half of our total leads in 2022 were a result of marketing initiatives including Gemini’s activities, up 100% in the first year.”

Improved Rankings

Gemini’s SEO efforts resulted in Thriveon’s website ranking higher on search engines. With the organic search optimizations, Thriveon gained 10 new keywords in positions 1-10 by the end of 2022 (+19% YoY).

Increased Engagement

Thriveon’s Paid Search and Organic Search efforts resulted in a 196% increase in website calls.


A strong B2B marketing program means knowing how to target the businesses you want to serve. By focusing on SEO, content marketing, and paid search, Thriveon elevated its digital presence, attracted more leads, and increased engagement with potential customers. Perhaps equally significant, Gemini stayed attentive to our client’s needs at all times. As a small agency, we’re ready to answer a call, pivot to a new strategy or adjust existing initiatives on the fly.