How a Website Transfer and Redesign Boosted Business for Key Polymer

Key Polymer, our adhesives client, needed an industrial-grade website. We did just that... and then some.

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A new website gets you noticed.

Updating your image and digital presence periodically keeps your business fresh and focused. It puts you ahead of the competition and positions you as the authority and innovator in your field.

Bottom line: A new website gets you noticed.

But how do you handle the logistics of transferring all the information from your previous site to the new one without losing valuable rankings, data and content in the process?

Our client in the chemical adhesive business felt their current website looked outdated and was poorly organized. It no longer accurately reflected who they were or what they did. We were happy to wow them with a beautiful, modern looking site but we also knew we needed to maintain the valuable digital authority they had built over the years.

person in blue work coat and yellow gloves holding a Key Polymer box.


How do you transition a business’s existing content and authority to a new website?

We needed to coordinate carefully to ensure that elevating our client’s image didn’t come at the cost of their SERP rankings. Design, web development and SEO would all have to sync during the new build to make sure nothing came unglued.


Design studied the existing site – affectionately described as “from the 1970s” by the client – and created three new mood boards for them to choose from. The client chose a simple/bold/utilitarian look for the new site. This would give them the clean, streamlined update they were looking for and would be easier for users to navigate. The new designs included a logo refresh with updated fonts and colors to make a more striking impact.

Web development went to work once all the design work was approved. Because we used our in-house web template, the build could be done quicker and more economically without sacrificing any of the client’s individual flair. The developers used the existing site as their north star but made the new site much easier to navigate. The biggest challenge was creating the detailed custom charts and tables that described our client’s products.

SEO supported the development team and set up all the SEO elements in the new site. To ensure a smooth transfer and apply proper tracking metrics to the new site they needed to:

  • Keep the existing SEO value.
  • Help search engines understand the relationship of the old site to the new.
  • Make sure the new site was properly indexed.
  • Install all the proper tracking elements including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console.
  • Review the website for any errors.

Once the new site was launched, SEO served the important role by quality assuring the new site. They made sure it was being properly indexed and tracked and that the new user experience was be superior.

Key Polymer website snapshot.


We launched a dazzling new website with a sleek modern look and easy to use interface. Customers can now see that our client is an authority who they can trust when they need adhesives. The new tables and charts supply valuable data about their products and are easy to locate on the new site.



Gemini proved that using a custom-built template to build a website didn’t mean sacrificing unique features and handmade content. We also proved that when departments work together from concept to conclusion, we can provide our clients with exceptional results at every step of their website build.


Your web presence may be outdated but there is always value in the content and authority you’ve built. Don’t risk the loss of valuable data and metrics when you upgrade your website. Trust a professional marketing team like Gemini to handle every detail of the process.

Talk to us about how we can perform a website transition from your slow and outdated website to a sharp and authoritative new site that elevates you in your field.

Key Polymer website screenshot before and after.