A Holistic Approach to Increasing Organic Traffic & Leads with Web Dev, SEO, & Content Marketing

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At Gemini, we’re always checking and auditing the health and success of our clients’ sites. As we reviewed the site performance for our nationwide moving company client, our SEO team discovered that brand searches and organic traffic to the homepage had decreased overtime.

This decrease was causing the amount of qualified traffic to the entire website to plummet, and, unfortunately, leads were suffering because of it. However, for the Gemini team, challenges always come with new opportunities—and in this instance, we saw an opportunity to increase the visibility of the homepage and enhance user experience in order to drive more leads for our client.

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This challenge could only be solved with all hands on deck. In order to drive more traffic to the homepage and increase leads, we needed our SEO, content, web design, and web developers to work in tandem. With everyone working together, we’d be able to better tell the brand story and highlight the company’s moving process.

The Solution


The refreshed homepage content needed to do two things: include SEO-friendly content that highlighted the most profitable moving services and incorporate more brand-centric content to demonstrate why prospects should book their next move with our client. Our SEO and content teams worked together to create a keyword strategy and optimize content to ensure we achieved those goals.


The homepage design needed to better represent the brand and services. We wanted the users to be able to easily navigate the homepage, learn about the company, and understand how to contact the company for a moving estimate.

To improve user experience, we rearranged sections on the site to drive users to the desired areas for the most conversion potential. We also freshened up the colors, images, and design to better demonstrate the brand and match the optimized content.

The Results: Moving On Up

By updating the user experience of the homepage and improving the SEO value of the on-page content, we were able to boost organic landing page sessions to the homepage by 38% year-over-year.

Not only did we drive more traffic, we were able to improve the quality of the traffic that ultimately led to a 36% increase in conversions from those who entered the site via the homepage.

36% Increased

website conversions

38% Increased

organic traffic

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The moving company’s organic results weren’t reflecting their value, so we adjusted our strategy and tactics accordingly. After refreshing the homepage, it was better positioned to get search engines to rank the page. Additionally, the homepage was also better suited to drive conversions once users got onto the site. Continually monitoring our clients’ results is crucial in creating a holistic digital marketing approach.