We Increased PPC Leads by 810% for a National Storage Company

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Orchestrating and optimizing an online paid advertising program for a national storage company with multiple locations across the U.S. requires a high level of expertise. Fortunately, Gemini was able to step in and streamline campaigns, reduce ad costs and significantly increase lead volume for our client, Platinum Storage. Read our paid search case study to see how we drove 1,491 more conversions in seven months.


Platinum Storage Group was frustrated that their current marketing efforts weren’t driving the lead volume they needed to meet their move-in quotas. A quick review showed that their previous agency was using antiquated and ineffective methods and strategies that could be quickly improved upon.

5 Strategies for Success

Gemini stepped in to bring Platinum Storage Group’s paid search program into the modern pay-per-click landscape through five major upgrades and optimizations:

1. Account Organization

Platinum had their paid search campaigns in multiple accounts which utilized dozens of different conversion actions. Gemini consolidated the program into one account and only a handful of conversion actions. This allowed us to optimize towards high intent users with account logistics that were much easier for the client to digest.

2. Phone Call Tracking

Previously, the company missed an opportunity by not using enhanced phone call tracking. Instead of continuing the existing system of tracking users who clicked on a phone number link, Gemini set up a direct integration between Platinum’s call tracking platform and Google Ads. This update more accurately measured high-quality conversions and provided Google with the relevant data needed to better optimize towards similar users.

3. Excluding Current Customers

With improved organization and conversion tracking, the account started to see higher lead volume. Our next step was to improve that lead quality by excluding Platinum’s current customers from paid search ad targeting. This exclusion led to a major increase in new users and a more efficient media spend.

4. Effective Budget Increases

Mid-month budget increases are a crucial element of any PPC strategy but without the necessary data, Platinum Storage was unable to navigate this. Gemini was happy to provide strategic increases immediately after taking over the program. By implementing mid-month budget increases based on data, we could effectively drive more traffic to the properties that needed more occupants. This process also helped build budgetary trust with the client for a more flexible and effective program.

5. Detailed Reporting Dashboards

Historically, Platinum’s paid advertising program had minimal reporting. To remedy this oversight, Gemini built a custom reporting dashboard using Google Looker Studio. The new reporting includes both account-wide and location-specific metrics that present pay-per-click performance data through concise visuals. Using this information, the Platinum and Gemini teams can now focus on business strategy and further optimizations.

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The Results

Comparing the seven month periods before and after Gemini took over Platinum Storage’s paid advertising program, we have seen dramatic improvements.

Previous—Sep. 2022 - Mar. 2023 (7 months)

184 conversions
$639 per conversion
0.93% conversion rate
1.55% click-through-rate

Gemini—Sep. 2023 - Mar. 2024 (7 months)

1,675 conversions
$167 per conversion
4.59% conversion rate
2.39% click-through-rate

The Gemini Difference

810% increase in lead volume
74% decrease in average cost per lead
394% increase in conversion rate
54% increase in click-through-rate

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Over the last 7 months, Gemini’s paid search team showed its value by bringing significantly more leads to our self-storage client. Following best practices, we were able to see fast improvements and then build on our success through enhanced call tracking, current customer exclusion, informed budget recommendations and expanded reporting. Are you ready for a Google Ads strategy that brings in higher lead volume and quality to your business? Reach out to Gemini today to get started.