ProMedica Senior Care: Improving Leads and Efficiency Using Budget Bid Strategies

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How do you manage hundreds of individual elder care marketing paid search campaigns under a single umbrella? And how do you do it and generate more leads while also reducing the cost per acquisition?

Gemini’s client, ProMedica Senior Care (formerly HCR ManorCare) has more than 350 locations that are supported by individually managed paid search campaigns. Each campaign requires a unique monthly budget based on facility size and capacity.

To efficiently manage the client program while driving results, Gemini needed to find a solution that could manage budget pacing, optimize bids based on the budget and lead goals, and drive high-quality leads.

Senior health services marketing with this many campaigns became a big challenge for our team. Innovation, consolidation and auction-time bidding saved the day.

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Gemini created budget plans with bid strategies that allowed the team to implement optimizations at scale instead of manually editing each campaign.Once we inputted each location into our bid management tool, we could set CPA and conversion goals while managing every budget under one dashboard.We also added auction-time bidding to help our team more efficiently manage budgets and make real-time bid adjustments to drive more leads. In essence we automated the individual touch required to elevate each account to its maximum potential.
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Marketing for senior care wasn’t all that different than for other clients. With the new, advanced systems in place, Gemini could more efficiently manage spend. Using auction-time bidding, the team exceeded its annual lead goals three months ahead of schedule.

Every campaign’s year-over-year lead volume increased—some by more than 100%—while cost per action (CPA) decreased by 40%. These metrics demonstrate that our team’s efficiency-based approach paid off huge, and that budget bidding works.



Streamlined manual complexities for 350 location campaigns allowing us to implement optimizations at scale.

100% Increase

In lead volume year over year

3 Annual Goals

Reached three months early with consistent performance at all facilities.

40% Decrease

In Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) despite strong lead increase.

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Gemini delivers unique marketing solutions to all our clients. When we sit down with you, we don’t plug your business into a template. We build a long-term marketing strategy from the ground up. Like the paid search dashboard we built for Promedica.

No one solution works for everyone. We love a good challenge and we love a good partner even more. What can we do for you?

Promedica Senior Care

(Formerly HCR ManorCare) Is a not-for-profit, mission based provider and part of the ProMedica Health System. It cares for people nationwide, providing the highest quality health care services, and researching, evaluating, training and implementing the care programs that work toward the highest practicable level of well-being for patients and residents.