How a Service Page Redesign Boosted Traffic and Conversions

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A benefit of working with a holistic marketing agency is that you get a multi-team approach to solving any given problem. This collaborative effort leads to a deeper dive into the issue that ultimately makes your marketing campaigns run better across all channels. Case in point: Our home services client wanted to update the design of their service pages. The SEO, content, and web development and design teams collaborated to strategize a new layout and functionality that would convert more users.


Our home services client thought that the parent pages for their plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling services were too cluttered. They wanted to streamline the look of these pages and update them with new sections. Not only did our team need to make the layout more visually appealing, we also needed to provide a better user experience.

Our Strategy

To create a better service page experience, we mapped out a content flow that felt more intuitive and helpful to our client’s customers. Once we had the plan in place, each team member was able to focus on their expertise:

  • Web Development created new wire frames and high-fidelity designs for the new page template.
  • SEO completed a competitive analysis to determine which keywords should be incorporated within the content and studied heat maps to understand on-page traffic flow.
  • Content evaluated the value of existing content and drafted the new sections incorporating relevant, high-intent keywords.

After the client selected the design they liked best, our web development team created a new page template that allowed the rest of the team to build out individual pages for each service. SEO and content team members then populated the pages with the content and information. We implemented a new service form at the top of the page, revamped the coupon section, updated the customer testimonials, and added an FAQ section. After several rounds of quality assurance, the new pages were made live on the website.

The Results

Immediately, the new template improved the content entry process. It provided the Organic Search team with more freedom and functionality for adding new content, while also maintaining the client’s core look and brand guidelines.

After tracking data in Google Analytics for several months, we saw a noticeable uptick in traffic and conversions across the new pages as well as increased form submissions and new keyword rankings.

In three months:

Organic Traffic

Page sessions increased across the new service pages:

56% on electrical page
40% on drain cleaning page
22% on heating page

Form Submissions

On-page form submissions increased:

600% on electrical page
100% on heating page
25% on cooling page

New Keyword Rankings

Two pages added new keywords:

Drain cleaning – 5
Heating – 3

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Updating the layout and functionality of our client’s service pages provided an opportunity to improve user experience and increase the leads that each page was generating. The process demonstrated why having a multi-channel marketing program is key to optimizing marketing campaigns—you get various experts contributing to overall performance.

To learn more about the services Gemini provides and how a well-rounded marketing program can benefit your business through SEO, content, web development and design, and paid advertising, get in touch with Gemini today.