How a New Website Streamlined User Experience

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Swepco is the familiar name of Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants LLC. Since 1933 they’ve been producing lubricants for commercial and industrial equipment. Just as they provide the grease to make engines run more smoothly in the transportation, mining and construction sectors, we provided the grease to get search engines and customers noticing their slick new website.

A new website is a powerful vehicle for attracting customers and converting traffic into leads. See how Swepco’s build gave customers easier access to their products and gave them an asset for growing sales in their niche.

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Swepco came to us after seeing websites we had built for similar niche companies with specific needs. Swepco sells a variety of distinct industrial products that require detailed product descriptions and technical data. They liked the work we did for others and wanted us to work the same magic for them.

Our goal was to provide Swepco with a clean, user friendly website where new prospects and existing customers alike could easily find the products and information they needed. To succeed, we’d have to carefully organize Swepco’s lubricants by application and provide descriptive data in multiple languages to reach clients around the globe.


WordPress is the gold standard when building new websites. It provides the greatest flexibility and versatile design features along with a focus on content creation and SEO to get your site noticed by Google and other search engines.

We had great success using our in-house WordPress template when we built similar sites and were eager to prove that lightning can strike again. By using premade but customizable modules, we could save the client time and cost to build a new website once they approved the visual themes and navigation for the build.


The outcome of our diligent web development team’s efforts is a carefully cataloged webpage where users can easily navigate numerous types of lubricants to find the one that best fits their use. Each product includes comprehensive information on markets, applications and technical data. The navigation is clean and the design simple but striking.

The biggest victory is the “Resources” section of Swepco’s new website. There, users can scan all Swepco’s products to get detailed specs and download technical PDFs in multiple languages. The top drop-down menu and the bottom footer menu mean customers are always one click away from finding the next product they’re looking for. Our goal to not lose users in the vast virtual showroom of products was achieved.

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Before and after website redesign.


Make Your Website Stand Out

Organizing products and data and making them available to your customers is an involved job. Having a fast, easy to navigate website could mean the difference between landing a sale and seeing a potential client click elsewhere.

We’d love to hear what isn’t working on your current website and strategize how we can improve it. We help our clients achieve their business goals every day with a stronger, cleaner online presence that gets them noticed. Contact Gemini to see if a new website launch with state-of-the-art features and optimized content is in your future. We offer expert support in a variety of marketing channels to maximize your business’ potential.