TL:DR Version

TikTok advertising is preparing to leave beta and go self-service in Q1 of 2020. E-commerce businesses need to prepare by creating an account, testing content and connecting with influencers.

Longer: Prepping For Promoting Your Brand On TikTok

TikTok is the new “It” social platform that businesses and grown ups are ignoring. TikTok is #7 on the list of most downloaded apps of the last decade, even though it’s only been around for just under 2 years. Remember when Instagram and Snapchat were not business ready? That’s where TikTok is right now, ask most marketers and they’ll say that TikTok doesn’t generate clicks and the users aren’t buyers. Tell that to @Cocoabombs who launched a video of their product on TikTok and within a week had over 1.5M views and sold out of their products. 

TikTok advertising has been in beta but we’ve been informed self-service will go live in Q1 of 2020. We’ll be following up with future posts on TikTok best practices, results and more – but for now here’s how you should prepare.

  1. Create your brand account
  2. Start posting different kinds of videos of your product in use and play with how hashtags work
  3. Spend time in platform seeing what others are doing in TikTok – songs and hashtags are very important and what people are liking in this platform changes FAST.
  4. Post daily, it can be your team doing a dance or pulling pranks – TikTok users want to see who you are
  5. Once you’ve got a feel for what people like storyboard what your ad content will be when self-service goes live!

It’s as simple as that for now, keep following us for more information on how to use TikTok.