7 Reasons to Add an AI Chatbot to Your Website Now

July 2024

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An AI chatbot is a value-driven marketing tool that catalogs all of your industry expertise and organizes it in one, simple to use interface. It provides your customers with a means to easily perform research and get their questions answered without having to search across your website, hold for a customer service specialist, or leave your site to use a third-party search engine.  

AI-powered chatbots function as personalized, on-page search engines. Because of this unique ability, they are changing the way users find information and the way businesses market their products and services. Let’s walk through the benefits of adding a chatbot to your website and how it could position you as an industry leader in the near future. We’ll explain how to create a chatbot for your business and how long the process takes.


7 Benefits of Adding a Chatbot to Your Website

While AI chatbots are still an emerging technology, they have come a long way. They’re no longer just a nuisance in the corner of your screen. They’re a powerful information bank ready to answer customer queries. Don’t take our word for it, executive consulting behemoth, Gartner stated in a press release that they expect search engine volume to drop 25% by 2026 due to AI chatbots. 

Big players like Open AI are already siphoning traffic from Google, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your website to take advantage of this technology. The sooner you install an AI chatbot on your site, the bigger the edge you’ll have over your competition. 

Infographic listing seven benefits of adding an AI chatbot to your website.

Here are the benefits of chatbots for your business:

1. A One-Stop Information Library

A well-designed chatbot educates and empowers visitors on your website. It provides them with all of the information and experience you’ve collected so that they can make informed purchasing decisions. When your customer finds everything they’re looking for in one place, they will feel more confident about trusting your business.


2. Streamlined Internal Resources

Not only does your chatbot engage customers, it can be a valuable resource to your internal staff. When employees need answers to their questions, they have a single source to search. Target is a prime example of a company that is embracing AI to equip their workers with the information needed to better serve their customers.


3. Reduced Reliance on Google

With a chatbot, you hold customers longer and reduce your reliance on outside search engines to bring return traffic to your website.


4. Support for International Customers

AI chatbots aren’t limited to a single language. If your company attracts international customers, a custom AI bot can be their gateway to your business. Set your bot to translate in a variety of languages to seamlessly guide them through your offerings.


5. Increased Conversions

Based on the inquiries it receives, a customer service chatbot can direct users to the best solutions for their specific needs. No longer do customers need to read long descriptions or compare products, they can find the exact item they’re looking for through a short conversation.

We’ve seen dramatic success in this area with our fishing client, Northland Tackle. Conversions increased 86% when customers used the on-page chatbot to recommend lures for specific fish and fishing conditions.

6. Constant and Consistent Support

No matter what time of day, your customers can visit your site and engage in a productive conversation where their questions get answered. Even better, your chatbot will remember return customers so that they don’t need to start their conversation from scratch.


7. Deep Customer Insights

Here’s where an AI chatbot becomes especially valuable. Your chatbot catalogs every conversation it has. That means you can review the data and understand:

  • What questions customers ask most frequently
  • Your customers’ buying habits
  • Average time on-site
  • How much they spend
  • Which pages get the most traffic
  • Which links get the most clicks


Northland Tackle quickly discovered that customers wanted to know their order status and if they could order discontinued products. After reviewing these conversations, our client was able to improve their service and adapt to these previously unknown demands.

Page view of an AI chatbot for a fishing tackle company.

5 Steps for Custom Chatbot Creation 

Creating an AI chatbot is a straightforward process but it takes careful guidance to ensure the chatbot performs to expectations. Here are the steps we follow:

1. Configure the Chatbot

Most chatbots are built from a template rather than coded from scratch. Gemini starts with an application from Open AI, the company that created ChatGPT. We combine the power of ChatGPT with your personalized industry expertise to build the most accurate and insightful AI chat experience available.  

2.Scrape Your Website 

Similar to what Google does, we let your custom bot crawl your website and absorb all the existing information. This is where the bot begins to understand your basic business and product information.

3. Data Feeding

Gemini will work with you to define and format your data. This is where we add additional information and curate it so that the bot makes the connections it needs to answer user queries accurately.

4. Private Beta Testing

Once all the data is curated, we begin a testing phase. You’ll gain access to a private beta version of your bot for quality assurance. During this phase, you’ll provide feedback on the bot’s conversational performance. We’ll use this information to carefully refine the answers so that the bot responds accordingly.

5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

After your custom AI bot goes live, Gemini provides ongoing support and maintenance. We’ll continue to address hallucinations and add new data for inquiries that may have not been addressed in initial data feeding. We also provide monthly reporting to help you understand your bot’s performance and refine your marketing strategies. 

How Long Does It Take to Create an AI Chatbot?

Steps 1 through 4 above take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Once your chatbot consistently gives answers that are at least 85% accurate, we’ll make it live on your website. As new users test the application, we’ll continue to refine its answers and build a more cohesive user experience. This includes using an AI filter to automatically review chats and identify any problematic conversations. 

If you choose to continue a monitoring program with Gemini, we’ll provide tech support and send monthly reports that detail the number of users, types of chats, item views, and purchases. 

Why Choose Gemini for Your AI Chatbot Services?

Most chatbot companies are “self-service.” They sell you the application to build your chatbot but don’t provide the engineering expertise needed to customize the bot to your needs. 

With Gemini, you get dedicated service at every stage of your chatbot’s creation. We train your bot for you and then monitor its progress. Each month, you’ll get detailed reporting  through Google Tag Manager. Our responsive team will ensure your chatbot performs the way it was designed to so that it continues to deliver a quality user experience. 

Additionally, as a full-service digital marketing agency, Gemini can create new content such as blogs and webpages as you discover which customer questions are most relevant. Together, we can build a holistic marketing program that encompasses all aspects of your marketing efforts and meets users’ needs. 

We Create AI Chatbots for Businesses

Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the latest marketing technology. Contact Gemini to learn more about adding an AI chatbot to your company’s website. In as little as four weeks, our team can add a chatbot that boosts traffic, increases conversions, and provides an enhanced user experience to your website.