Generate More Paid Search Leads with Dedicated Landing Pages

March 2022

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Are you wondering why the clicks on your ads aren’t converting in the way you want them to? If you’ve spent countless hours optimizing your keyword list, bid strategy, geotargeting, ad copy, and you’re still not generating leads, the issue may not be with your ads… it may be with your landing page.

An unoptimized and underutilized paid search landing page may be the thing standing between you and your next lead. To help you combat this, we’ve put together a few best practices for creating a dedicated landing page that converts those hard earned leads.

Dedicated Paid Search Landing Page Best Practices

Sending traffic to a homepage or existing landing page can provide results. However, using a dedicated paid search landing page is a better strategy to maximize leads. Here’s how to make the most of your page:

Make Your Ad Copy and Your Landing Page More Cohesive

When directing traffic to a landing page, Google determines the ad relevance in relation to the landing page. This cohesiveness between the two may affect your ad placement on the search engine results page (SERP). To bridge your ads with your landing page in a cohesive way, use the same top performing keywords in both the ad copy and the content of the landing page.

If you regularly make changes to your ad copy, a dedicated landing page allows you to edit the corresponding content based on your ad copy more easily. This increased control can help improve your ad relevance, which in turn can increase your rankings in the SERP. While optimizing your ads with relevant keywords is crucial, be sure that you avoid turning your content “spammy” with over use. Quality content that is organized and reads well gives you better authority with Google and your potential customers.

Optimize Your Landing Page for Your Specific Goal

You usually design your paid search strategies with a specific goal in mind. It may be an e-commerce purchase, phone call lead, meeting request, or something else entirely. Whatever your goal is, make sure you strategize your content around it.

Design, write, and optimize your dedicated landing page for your specific goal. Don’t worry if your existing website page isn’t optimized for your goal’s call to action (CTA). Simply lay out your desired actions in a clear, cohesive manner on your dedicated landing page and update them as needed.

Implement Focused Navigation 

Don’t direct your users to a webpage that contains information that isn’t relevant to the particular service or product they clicked on. Excess scrolling through unrelated content can turn off a lot of users and lead them to click elsewhere.

Create a dedicated landing page that is clean and easy to navigate with minimal content and a clear CTA.  Simplicity limits conversion friction. For example: omit the normal menu at the top of the page in favor of a brand logo that reverts back to the home page if needed. This keeps a user focused and will direct their attention to your CTA.

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Make the Page Location Specific

If you’re targeting a specific location with your ads, add content related to the targeted geo on your dedicated landing page. This gives your user a tailored, localized experience. A user that clicks on an ad and sees the city they’re in on the landing page will be more likely to convert. Make sure your page offers users a strong and compelling localized experience.

Get Started with Dedicated Paid Search Landing Pages

There are a lot of moving parts that go into creating and executing a successful paid search campaign. One of them is building dedicated landing pages that will convert customers once they discover you. If you’re ready to get started with your paid search specific web pages or you have questions about designing a new campaign, get in touch with Gemini today! We help our clients get measurable results.