Gruen With the Wind, Gemini Rising

“The official launch of our new business name and brand signals an exciting new stage in the life of our agency. Our name “Gemini” was inspired by my twin sons who inspire me to think big and act bigger. Everything I do is for them. I dedicate this agency to them as a reminder of what motivates me to be better and do better every day.” states Tollefson.

Like yin and yang, Sonny and Cher and milk and cookies, Tollefson believes things come better in twos. Ultimate success is not achieved alone, it is mutual. We succeed when our employees, our partners and our clients succeed. The name Gemini epitomizes that spirit of partnership.

Modest Beginnings to State-Of-The-Art

From his basement office, Bruce Gruen founded Gruen Agency in 1992. He connected clients and businesses through advertising in the yellow pages or as he affectionately referred it to, the “first search engine”. As marketing transitioned from print to digital, Gruen was one of the first national yellow page’s agencies to embrace the change. We spent the next 28 years building and adapting our digital marketing tools to exceed expectations. Today we continue the mission of connecting people and businesses in an ever-changing world.

A Familiar Hand on a Fresh Wheel

Stephanie Tollefson purchased the company late last year after a successful 12-year run as agency President. Tollefson’s extensive knowledge of marketing and her limitless passion for client service make her the clear choice to lead our team of eager digital marketers into the future. Her mission is simple: provide a work environment that attracts and retains the best talent in the Twin Cities and give them the freedom and resources to redefine how exceptional marketing is measured. Giving her teams this level of ownership has elevated every aspect of the business and has secured its spot as one of the most coveted agencies in the Twin Cities.

A Vision That is Twice as Strong

Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions is a performance-based agency specializing in the unexpected. We rewrite the playbook for cutting-edge marketing solutions for today’s most complex business issues.

“We think beyond the digital space. We ideate and innovate to position our clients as leaders in their competitive space. We actively collaborate with every valued customer as a partner in their strategic success. The results are remarkable. Our marketing solutions to our client’s challenges fuel their progress in powerful, sustainable ways.” said Tollefson.

Do We Launch During a Pandemic?

Initially there was hesitation about rebranding during a pandemic. “It was difficult to be excited while so many businesses were struggling,” says Tollefson “But we found we were able to help our customers.  Opportunity in the face of adversity made the decision more impactful. By swiftly adjusting strategies to the new marketplace, we saw our customers not just survive the pandemic, but thrive in it.  I’ve never been prouder to be a business owner.”

A Physical and Spiritual Move

In April 2020, the agency moved from downtown Minneapolis to Gemini’s new headquarters in Edina. The newly accessible home base allows us to create a modern, flexible work environment where our amazing employees tirelessly push the limits of what marketing can be. They are the “Gem” in “Gemini” and the rock stars to blow all others off the marketing stage.

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