Gemini Launches a New Website with a New Look

June 2024

The New and Improved Gemini is Here

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The New and Improved Gemini is Here

After many long hours of careful planning, spirited group discussions, and dedicated work sessions, we’re beyond elated to release our new look out into the world. Our new website speaks to our continued commitment to our clients, our desire to stand out as a small but energetic agency, and our focus on the latest marketing trends and innovations. 

30 Years of Digital Transformation

Gemini’s humble origins date back to 1992 when we were known as “Gruen Agency.” In those early days, in a small basement office, a handful of marketers cut their teeth on yellow pages advertising. 

As marketing began to shift from print to digital, we were one of the first agencies to embrace the new technology. We launched our first website in 2003, well ahead of our competitors, and haven’t looked back. We continue to adopt and implement the latest marketing tools and practices available to give our clients the biggest edge possible.

Over the years, what was Gruen Agency eventually became Gemini: Advanced Marketing Solutions. Stephanie Tollefson, the president of Gruen for 12 years, bought the agency and rebranded it as Gemini in 2020. Now, in 2024 we’re excited to unveil our biggest brand transformation yet. 

Let's Just Go for It

While we had rebranded Gemini only a few years earlier under the new name, we hadn’t given ourselves a proper visual makeover. Now was the time to make a statement.

Our new website began with three potential designs. Our ace graphic designers submitted one “safe” design, one design that expanded on our existing palette, and one design that was a complete 180 from anything we already had. To their surprise, our committee chose option three. We unsheathed our digital machetes and began cutting a swath through terra incognita.

Gemini: old homepage

Capturing Who We Are

Being a small agency gives us an advantage. We can afford to take chances and try new approaches without compromising the personalized touch that our clients have come to expect. 

To capture this pioneering spirit, we wanted our website to be a banner for individuality and innovation while maintaining a strong sense of warmth and personality. We hoped it would turn heads but also start conversations and spark new collaborations. 

As we wrote the content for our new site, we knew we wanted a clear, direct, and succinct voice that reflected our friendly, no-nonsense approach. Our previous site was overly wordy with more marketing minutiae than we needed. To ensure a crisp, streamlined user experience, our content team and design teams joined forces to strike the right balance of words, images, and open space on each page.

The Stars and Robots Aligned

Our world is on the cusp of a huge shift. Artificial intelligence has firmly planted itself in every corner of the marketing world.

Ever eager to embrace new opportunities, Gemini has diligently worked to incorporate AI into our daily workflow. We continually develop new efficiencies and engineer new tools to do more for our clients. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Our new website was the perfect vehicle to broadcast our stalwart enthusiasm for this new era of automation. Our goal is to position Gemini as industry trailblazers who aren’t afraid to embrace coming changes and leverage them for our clients. 

A Labor of Love

The Gemini team needed to pour our creative hearts into our brand relaunch. Designing a website that would distinguish us from our esteemed competitors would require more than a set of fancy page templates. It meant a full collaboration across teams to painstakingly design each page from scratch. 

To shine a giant spotlight on the uniqueness of everything Gemini does, our design team collaborated with our web development team to ensure each page of our new website is tailored to the content it presents. The result is 15 custom page designs, meticulously built from the ground up. 

We’ve Ripped the Rearview Mirror Off

Gemini’s new website is the beginning of an exciting future. We’ve laid the foundation but there’s plenty more to come. Watch for exciting surprises and expanded content to be added. Most importantly, we’ve renewed our enthusiasm for growing our client’s businesses. You won’t find a more passionate, innovative, or responsive group of marketers, ready to bolster your success. If you like what we’ve done and want to learn more, contact Gemini today.