Preparing for the Future of Marketing

Think back to your formal marketing education. Beyond basic marketing principles like the 4 Ps, how much of your studies would still be relevant today?

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On the latest episode of The Performance Marketing Podcast, Joel Eisfelder sits down with Amee McDonald to discuss how marketing students today are preparing for a career in our rapidly changing industry, and how their future employers can get ready to attract and empower top Gen Z talent.

Amee is a lecturer and the Director for Student Engagement and Co-curricular Initiatives at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. She not only teaches marketing, but also leads peer and corporate mentorship programs at the school. She lends some valuable insights on what young people value in an employer, and what that means for companies trying to recruit young marketers. We also dive into the importance of data literacy (and what that means), and misconceptions that students have about the role of creativity and design in marketing.

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