Many businesses struggle with the decision to either hire in-house marketing talent or outsource to an agency. Often this is not a yes/no decision but a process of defining marketing needs, building a clear strategy to meet those needs, and determining the best fit for the roles required to execute that strategy.

As a digital agency with expertise across the marketing spectrum, we’re often surprised by the job descriptions we see floating around LinkedIn for in-house “digital marketing specialists”. Often the scope of these job descriptions, the experience required, and the salary range aren’t in alignment. Not to mention that this is often the first marketer that small companies move to hire.

For the sake of both the companies that are struggling to determine the best approach to building a marketing org within their company, and the young marketers who may find themselves in over their heads, we dug into this topic on the latest episode of the Performance Marketing Podcast.

Chris Rennie and Robert Marston explore everything from how to start your marketing org, how to think about marketing in the C-suite, and how the new realities of remote work can create inefficiencies for your internal marketing team.

Listen to the full discussion in the media player above, on Spotify or watch the full video on YouTube.

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