What is Performance Marketing?

January 2021

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As marketers we’re great at rebranding our tactics and individual approaches to make them sound flashy and new. Agencies and industry organizations are acutely aware of the need to redefine their offering in order to stand out and create their own category. We try not to overcomplicate things this way, that’s why we put our stake in the ground as a Performance Marketing agency when we redefined our brand as Gemini.

On the latest episode of the Performance Marketing Podcast, Joel Eisfelder has a chat with Kerstin Meyer (Director of Paid Media), and Maeghen Krueger (Director of Earned Media) to discuss a common but important questions that we often hear. What is Performance Marketing?

The idea of Performance Marketing is really born of “performance-based advertising” – which means paying for marketing services based upon completion of an intended user action, such as an ad impression, a click, or a lead.

One of the most common misconceptions is that as Performance Marketers we focus only on sales and leads, the bottom-of-the-funnel conversion stuff, and don’t often think about brand impact, awareness or engagement. The truth is, Performance Marketing is just a lens through which we view all of these goals. Performance Marketing is all about results. Measurable results. And what you choose to measure can vary greatly depending on your business objectives.

Furthermore, to actually drive performance requires more than just analysts and number crunchers (who we love and are happy to have on our team!). It also requires a deep understanding of your audience, an attunement to their customer journey, and the ability to craft a refined user experience that will guide them to becoming a customer.

For more on this topic, you can listen to our full discussion in the media player above, or on Spotify.